FSV Medicine: Statement regarding recent 2G covid regulations

The elected student representatives of the FAU’s medical faculty (FSV Medizin) support the recent implementation of 2G covid regulations on-campus. This measure pays respect to the severity of the ongoing global pandemic and is direly needed to reduce the strain placed on the public health system by rapidly rising covid infections.

We would welcome the reintroduction of 3G covid regulations, should the severity of the current state of affairs drastically reduce. That being said, sufficient hygiene measures must be implemented to ensure the safety of students and staff alike.

We urge individuals who have not yet done so, to vaccinate themselves and thus play their role in increasing vaccination rates. Only then will it be possible to return to business as usual and face-to-face teaching formats in the long run.

We wish to emphasise the importance of collaboration with experts in the medical field, from whom we should universally accept counsel. Even as medical students, we are only marginally better able to asses the severity of the situation and determine the best course of action, than other groups of student representation.

In summary, if we are to overcome the current pandemic-imposed challenges we face, we must make decisions on the basis of scientific fact.