Support for Ukraine at FAU

About a month ago, on 24 February 2022 to be precise, our world view of a peaceful post-war Europe was abruptly shattered when Russian forces invaded Ukraine on Putin’s orders. Many people of our generation have never been so directly confronted with such a situation: War in Europe.

If you feel overwhelmed by this or want to help those affected, you are not alone, that’s how we and many other people are feeling right now.
You can find out where you can get involved at FAU or get support on this overview page.
If this topic is weighing heavily on your mind, you can also tell us about your worries via our Corona suggestion box (anonymously if you wish), or contact us via this form. We will then try to help you with your problems as best we can (you have to enter your email address in the form of course, if you want a reply).
If you would like professional psychological counselling, you can also contact the FAU Psychosocial Counselling Centre or the psychological counselling service of the Studentenwerk.

You can also find various support projects of other bavarian universities and colleges on the overview page aid for Ukraine of the LAK.

There have also already been some campaigns organised by FAU students or student councils. One of these was an in-kind donnation campaign at WiSo, which was very successful. Following its example, there was later another collection point at the Technical Faculty, through which it was possible to also donate supplies in Erlangen. In addition, a demonstration against the war in Ukraine was organised by FAU students. Together with the university administration, the Stuve organised a commemorative event for peace in Schlossgarten, and FAU students and staff supported various projects in many other places.

More events are sure to follow, but since these have not yet been determined or are still being planned, we can’t advertise them yet, so please follow us on Instagram if you don’t want to miss future events.