Zoom chat: Studying with a disability

Studying can present a wide range of challenges for people with physical and mental disabilities. In a relaxed atmosphere, the Zoom chat on 01 July at 4 p.m. will provide a digital space for networking and exchanging tips and tricks about studying with disabilities. The chat takes place regularly on every 2nd Friday. The link to the Zoom chat is available at the website of the Office for Gender and Diversity .

1000 Miles Run – Technolgy without Borders

Dear fellow students, dear running enthusiasts, dear couch potatoes,

But I would walk 500 Miles and you would walk 500 more…
1000 miles don’t walk themselves, 1000 beers don’t drink themselves, 1000 delicious grilled sausages and meatless alternatives don’t eat themselves, the 1000 cool prizes of the raffle don’t win themselves, 1000 charitable projects don’t finance themselves.
That’s why we need you, not your money, not your education, just you and your beefy calves.

On 3.7.2022 from 11:00 the 1000 Miles Run – the fundraising run of Technik ohne Grenzen e. V. will take place at the sports ground of FAU with great weather, sunshine and good mood.

Registration here