News from the Stuve

In recent days, the Schloss has been able to experience the Stuve in large numbers. The Sprat met there twice with President Prof. Hornegger to talk about topics such as studying at FAU, the creation of the new FAU logo, the branding of the university, and student engagement. Soon we will meet in the Schlossgarten with some people from the university management for the newly introduced “Walk and Talks”, and would like to invite you to join our promenading on 11.07. at 18:00. These talks are open to all students. The Walk and Talk on 11.07. unfortunately had to be postponed due to illness.

But the Stuve was also represented again at the Schlossgartenfest. There, the new laser show was used for the first time which we were able to watch. We were able to network with many people from the university about university life and the work in the Stuve and also enjoy the evening with many of you.

But now it’s back to our in-house festivals; check out our summer festival calendar to see where you can meet up with your friends to network and have fun. The many FSVs, FSIs and university groups have already been planning great events for you for weeks, don’t miss them!

In addition, many campaigns are already underway for the current university elections. At the many information booths and events you can find out which lists are running for what and what they stand for. There are also numerous online news points which have been set up by the Stuve in the last few weeks. Please have a look at the article about the university elections! We are looking forward to a high voter turnout so that we can continue to shape the Stuve in a diverse way next year, so get started at!