News from the Stuve

The constituent meetings of the student faculty councils took place a few days ago and the Student Council also met for the first time. Moritz Meckl was elected chairman and Lars Longerich vice-chairman. Further committee positions will be determined at the second constituent meeting on 05. August. You can find more information here.

Even though it’s getting a bit quieter as the semester break approaches, we are still working on a few topics. In August, we will again be discussing construction issues with the FSVs and the Chancellor’s Office, and we are currently collecting feedback on the new Campo portal. If you have any positive or negative feedback, please let us know heree. The cut in funding for the DAAD and everywhere else in the education and science sector is also an issue for us at the moment.

There are also plans to run the university group checkback again in August after a longer break, so that the information on the website can be updated and it can be ensured which groups are still active.