News from the Stuve

The lecture-free period for the members of the Stuve started not only with the usual exam time, but also with the second part of the constituent meeting of the newly elected student council (Konvent) on August 5.

Here, among other things, the new Spratis were elected, who will be presented in the next newsletter in 4 weeks. Otherwise, all advertised positions were filled, except for the election of the Commission for Sustainability, which was postponed.

This commission, established last week by the university leadership, has the goal of connecting all status groups and the institutions at FAU and to jointly develop and implement measures. Therefore, the commission will advise the university management on sustainability issues and develop sustainability guidelines. For the students, the Konvent is to propose two voting representatives, who will be elected at the first meeting in October. The term of office runs from the first of October and lasts for two years. You do not have to be a member of the Konvent to be elected. If you have any questions about it, please feel free to contact us at or apply directly at

On Monday, the FAU was also visited by a delegation from the Greens parliamentary group in the Bavarian state parliament. The Greens parliamentary group is currently visiting Bavarian universities on the topic of university construction and asking about projects that are going well and those that are going badly, needs for change and university-specific concerns, and the FAU kicked off the series of visits.
The chancellor, the university administration, the building office and the green office were present and we as student representatives were also explicitly invited, which were represented by four Spratis that took part in the conversation. First the chancellor presented the status quo of the construction situation with many locations, satellites, rentals and also partly dilapidated building situation and subsequently showed well running and also successfully completed construction projects that have contributed significantly to reducing the renovation backlog at our FAU in recent years. A great deal is still pending, of course, whereby the major projects of the Raspberry Palace + Lecture Hall Center have already completed the realization competition, thus a certain design by certain architectural firms has already been determined and more detailed planning is now underway.
Also a result to the order building procedure of the educational sciences is lining up soon.
The negative aspect here is that the construction office is already working at maximum capacity with the projects currently underway, and in some cases is probably overloaded, so some projects even with available funding still have to wait.
We also discussed in more detail the master plan for the south campus, how the twin lecture halls there are developing and also why the Tentoria, which was previously at this location, was dropped without replacement: no one was found to rebuild a similar structure at a different location and now the project is on ice again for the time being.
In addition, a few exciting new projects were teased and general requirements for teaching and learning spaces of the future were discussed – so the conversation was very exciting and interesting for us – and the Green Party also gave us an ice cube mold, which hopefully will cool down some future meetings at the Sprat.

The public climate school is back

Uniting the world to tackle climate change!

The climate crisis is the challenge of our time. Schools, universities and colleges should lead the way as places of knowledge and change and provide education that imparts the necessary know-how and creates the corresponding competences for action. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) must take place as a cross-cutting theme in every subject area.

In the spirit of this year’s COP27, Students for Future and Klimabildung e.V. are once again giving climate education and education for sustainable development the stage they deserve.

Together with social organisations, we will show how every subject area can be linked to the climate crisis and sustainability. We demand this, enter into discussion about it and show concrete possibilities for action.

Because change starts with education!

today evening (10.08.2022), at 8pm we start with the kick-off for the school programme:
ZOOM: (in German)
More information at

Further kick-offs will follow in the next few days:

Kick-off-meeting University programme (including local programme)
Mo. 15.08.2022, 17:00pm
ZOOM: (in German)
More information at

Kick-off general orga at federal level
Di. 16.08.2022 19:00 Uhr
ZOOM: (in German)

Refund of additional ticket regarding 9€-ticket

There have been many questions and uncertainties about the refund of the €9 ticket in recent weeks. All buyers of the additional ticket will be refunded €103.50. We have been working intensively on the issue – despite exam phases – and have been in contact with VGN and VAG almost daily. We can assume that both VAG and the corresponding payment service provider also worked under high pressure, we were even told about weekend shifts. The repayment action of over two million euros and over 20,000 people has never been experienced before – neither for VGN/VAG, its payment service provider, Paypal, banks and co. Even though we have always been promised July, we can state that we are comparatively fast on average in Germany when it comes to paying back the refund for semester tickets.

What is the current status (Tuesday August 9th):

  • Purchase in NueMobilApp (approx. 5%) was already completely processed last week.
  • PayPal (approx. 55%) should have been paid back by last Friday
  • Credit cards/ApplePay/GooglePay (ca. 15%) were transferred on Monday
  • SEPA direct debits (approx. 25%) were paid 1/3 last week and the other 2/3 should receive their money Thursday/Friday
  • In total there were about 200 returns because the account was no longer available: You will all be contacted individually by the VAG.

Anyone who bought the additional ticket from a ticket machine must make the refund in person at the respective customer centre by the end of August. (We actually wanted it to go at least until the end of September) I.e.

  • Purchase at DB ticket machine -> DB Customer Centre
  • Purchase at VAG ticket machine -> VAG Customer Centre
  • Purchase at the OVF ticket machine -> OVF Customer Centre

Our AK Semesterticket is also working on a permanently cheaper ticket. In order to develop more strength here, we are happy about every support, only together we can make a difference!
In the next Stuve-Newsletter, we will inform you about the offer improvements from the winter semester onwards.
Find out more on our Instagram  and feel free to send us an email if you have any questions or want to get involved .