The public climate school is back

Uniting the world to tackle climate change!

The climate crisis is the challenge of our time. Schools, universities and colleges should lead the way as places of knowledge and change and provide education that imparts the necessary know-how and creates the corresponding competences for action. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) must take place as a cross-cutting theme in every subject area.

In the spirit of this year’s COP27, Students for Future and Klimabildung e.V. are once again giving climate education and education for sustainable development the stage they deserve.

Together with social organisations, we will show how every subject area can be linked to the climate crisis and sustainability. We demand this, enter into discussion about it and show concrete possibilities for action.

Because change starts with education!

today evening (10.08.2022), at 8pm we start with the kick-off for the school programme:
ZOOM: (in German)
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Further kick-offs will follow in the next few days:

Kick-off-meeting University programme (including local programme)
Mo. 15.08.2022, 17:00pm
ZOOM: (in German)
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Kick-off general orga at federal level
Di. 16.08.2022 19:00 Uhr
ZOOM: (in German)