News from the Stuve

The new semester has begun and with it, our committees have slowly come out of their summer slump. With numerous events for first-year students, but also general events for all students, life is coming back to the university and thus, of course, also to the Stuve.

On Monday, for example, there was already the big freshman orientation, where we were able to introduce you to the Stuve with a few committees and university groups. We hope that the other freshman events were also able to pick you up from your departments and that you were able to make friends with your fellow students.

But the Stuve is also very busy outside of freshman planning. In the last few weeks, for example, the old Sprat met with the president one last time to address current problems and possibly resolve them.

In the short term, the topic of exam registrations on campo had to be addressed, since due to an error on the part of the platform, exam registrations were not carried out in some cases (more on this in the related post). Despite the exchange with the examination office and the president, the university, unfortunately, did not offer a solution to the problem, except to correct the error for the future and to offer to put the head of the examination office, Mr. Purr, in the CC when sending mails to the administrators. We are sorry that the students now have to bear the responsibility for this error, but are happy to offer to put us in the CC as well to avoid that individual errors are not corrected.

Continuing in the spirit of talking with the university leadership, next week we will have our first jour fixe with Vice President People Andreas Hirsch to talk about topics such as the introduction of period products and body-and-mind spaces.