Error cancelling exam registration on Campo

If you have tried to deregister from a (first) exam in the last few months, you should now check if this really happened or if you got a failed attempt entered instead.

Until recently, when you deregistered from an exam at campo, the “Cancel registration” button of the privacy policy canceled the deregistration attempt instead of confirming the deregistration. If you tried to deregister from the exam via this button according to the exam regulations, check if you were actually deregistered or if a failed attempt was entered for you.

If a failed attempt is displayed, contact the respective administrators of your study program via email. Put the Sprat ( and Thomas Purr ( into the CC, so that no cases are lost in the chaos. If there are problems or you have further questions, you can also contact us via our suggestion box.

For your Information:
Most examination regulations require you to cancel your registration at least 3 workdays prior to the exam and do not allow stepping back from a repeat exam.