Concert Experience “Right in the Middle!” at the Bonn Classical Philharmonic Orchestra

Right in the middle – heard differently! on Feb. 15 in the Meistersingerhalle Nuremberg

Changing perspective, completely immersing yourself in an orchestra and its music: everyone has experienced a normal concert visit with the audience in the auditorium. But what is it like to be a listener and at the same time in the middle of the orchestra, sharing the stage with it?

With the project “Mittendrin – Anders gehört!” the Klassische Philharmonie Bonn invites you to an intensive concert visit of a different kind: Already during the dress rehearsal you can become part of an instrument group on stage and sit between the musicians. Here you can experience first-hand how the music is fine-tuned. Afterwards, the free time until the concert begins will be used for a backstage tour of the Konzerthaus and an introduction to the evening’s works. The evening will be rounded off by a very special concert experience: you will enter the stage together with the orchestra and enjoy the entire concert as part of the orchestra – right in the middle!

Apply by February 5 for this unique opportunity with the Classical Philharmonic Orchestra at