Update on the Semesterticket in the summer semester – 49€-Ticket starting in May

After long negotiations, the AK Semesterticket has now reached a final status for the implementation of the semester ticket in the summer semester under the new Deutschlandticket for 49€ starting in May. They have worked out a good solution, even though not all the wishes of the student representatives involved could be taken into account by the VGN. You can find everything important summarized here, or in more detail in the FAQs of the VGN and from the AK Semesterticket. During the first week of lectures of the summer semester, the AK and the VGN will have additional information booths to explain the new regulations. If you are interested in helping out, please send an email to hauptorga@semesterticket.org.

Basic ticket: 
– Valid until the end of the semester all day on weekends, at 6-6 pm during the week and on Fridays even from 5 pm (extended evening times since WiSe22).
– Price already included in the re-registration fee for the summer semester
– Exemptions (e.g. semester abroad) must be approved BEFORE the semester starts on 01.04.
– For the transport of bicycles in Erlangen/Nürnberg/Fürth in buses, streetcars and subways during the times of the basic ticket, this ticket must also be carried when using the Deutschlandticket

Additional ticket:
– Valid until the end of May as usual around the clock
– Comes with a voucher for the 49€ ticket this time (mail dispatch starting 03.04.)
– Can only be purchased via app and until the end of May

– Valid from May onwards on the entire regional transport network in Germany
– Free voucher for a ticket valid until september included with the additional ticket of the summer semester (mail dispatch from 03.04.)
– Worth it money-wise separately from the additional ticket only after June / with a total of max. four of the months of the semester

News from Stuve

After months of uncertainty and lengthy negotiations with the VGN on the subject of the Deutschlandticket as a semester ticket and regular updates, the Semesterticket working group can finally report concrete results. As of May, the additional ticket will be “convertible” into a Deutschlandticket free of charge, which will be accompanied by some changes in the availability of the ticket. You can read more about this in the article on the Semesterticket.

There is good news for students with food intolerances, who often go empty-handed to the canteen. The Speaker’s Council has discussed various issues with the Studierendenwerk and found out that they are welcome to contact the canteen staff in such situations to get an individual solution/meal. 

The Rudolf Wöhrl Auditorium at the FAU Medical Faculty is currently in the news because of the discovery that Rudolf Wöhrl joined the NSDAP and the SS early on. The student representation is of the opinion that it is unacceptable for an auditorium to be named in this way and that a renaming is required. The FSV Med is currently collecting suggestions for a new name for the lecture hall. If you have ideas of your own, you can find more info about this in their Instagram post and submit your suggestions here.

During exam week, campo was, unfortunately, undergoing maintenance/updates. While we welcome improvements to the platform, this should not be happening during exam periods and especially on weekdays, as a lot of exam-related information and exam cancellations go through campo, some of which require several working days’ notice. We have already contacted the university about this and asked if it would be possible to avoid updates during this time in the future – unfortunately with limited success. Speaking of the future and exams, we are also in contact with the university regarding AI (specifically chatbots like ChatGPT) in teaching at the university.