SEARCH for: (voluntary) workers (m/f/d) for events for young people

Hey there, we are currently looking for (voluntary) workers (m/f/d) for our events for children and youths (we can often pay expense allowance). Our organization – the Kreisjugendring Erlangen-Höchstadt (@kjr_erh on Instagram) – advocates for the interests of children and youths in Erlangen-Höchstadt and their right for participation. We also organize different events for which we are currently looking for (voluntary) workers (m/f/d).

One important part of our program are camps on different topics during the school holidays.

Many of our camps have an explicit focus on the education for sustainable development. One event with this focus is our “Summer Project Nature” at the beginning of the school summer holidays. This year it will be all about people´s life back then – today – and in the future. Link to a more precise explanation of the program.

During the summer holidays there will also be another events – like our camp in which non-disabled and disabled children will spend time together and will discover different things – also about the past, the present and the future. Link for further explanation here.

Sounds interesting to you? We would be very happy if new (voluntary) workers joined our team this year. For most of our events we can offer you an expense allowance (up to 60€/day). Furthermore, we can issue you a certification for your work. If wanted, you can also do a work placement for us.

In 2023 we are especially looking for male* (voluntary) workers.

If you want to be a part of our team, feel free to contact us via e-mail ( or phone (09131-8032512).