Election proposals sought for the university election

You want to have a say when it comes to the university? Do you want to involve yourself for students? You know people who also want to participate? Then make a list for the university election!

This year’s university elections will take place from June 20-27. Whether it’s at the faculty level or the Student Convention, your involvement is needed.

How do I form an election list?
1. Each person who wants to be on your list fills out a consent form.

2. each person who wants to be on your list is added to the list on the election proposal form.

3. 10 (Convention) or 5 (FSV) signatures of supporters (can also be people from the election list) must be on your election proposal form.

4. the consent forms and the election proposal form have to be submitted to the election office of the (Schlossplatz 4, room 2.027 and 2.029) from April 27th until May 10th, 4pm.

The exact information can be found on the FAU leaflet, which you should read if you want to submit a proposal. General information about the election process can also be found at the page of the Election Office.

Find like-minded people, collect signatures and let’s go!