Ticket sale for the ARENA Festival 2023 now open

This year’s ARENA Festival is just around the corner and it promises five days full of excitement, creativity and chaos. From 21 to 25 of June 2023, Erlangen will become a hotspot for dance, theatre and (performance-)art. Eight international artist groups will bring the festival motto CHAOS to newly created as well as already established stages. In the supporting programme, the audience can get involved themselves. The student-organised ARENA Festival is taking place for the 33rd time this year. With changing mottos and a selection of international artist groups, the festival annually creates a platform for creativity, exchange and extraordinary experiences. “This year, the festival picks up on the generally perceptible uncertainty and overwhelming nature of the current world situation,” says Florian Fischer, board member of the association ARENA – der jungen Künste e.V..

The festival week will be officially opened on 21 June at 6 pm in the experimental theatre of the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg. In the opening performance “Rauschen” (Noise), the collective “fau” is looking for the pause button. They want to escape the chaos of everyday life, hear what silence sounds like and experience what it means to break through the walls of noise. Miriam Sapio from the ARENA board explains, “We want to surrender to the chaotic everyday life and question what we can counter the chaos artistically.” In the diverse supporting programme, the audience can participate physically, emotionally and mentally themselves in various workshops. The team behind the festival calls on the audience: “Let’s be chaotic!”

Tickets go on sale online on 1 of June, and can be purchased directly at Hugenottenplatz in the city centre between 6 and 17 of June. More information on the plays, the free supporting programme and the ticket shop can be found at arena-festival.de.