News from the Stuve

In the last month we have been busy, besides the upcoming university election, where you can choose your representatives for the next year, we have dealt with the following topics.

Semesterticket and Deutschlandticket
Towards the end of the year, the Deutschlandticket will be available in Bavaria at a reduced price of €29, which will relieve a large part of the student body financially. Considering these new conditions, the Student Convention has decided to pause the solidarity ticket, consisting of a basic ticket and an additional ticket in the winter semester. We will keep a close eye on future developments, especially with regard to the price of the Deutschlandticket, and will re-evaluate our decision in this regard if there are any changes.

University elections 2023
Soon the university elections will start at FAU. You can cast your vote electronically from 20.06. 9:00 am until 27.06. 9:00 am. Don’t panic if you haven’t thought about which lists can best represent your opinions. You will receive an information mail from us before the election starts, in which we will present the lists running for the student Council and explain the election procedure to you in detail. Until then, you can have a look at the university election compass. There you can answer questions, as you probably already know from the Wahl-O-Mat, and get a quick result. Otherwise, just keep your eyes open for information material and election booths on campus. You can find more detailed information here.

Abolition of exam attempts
The project, which started in the department for teaching and studies, is still going on. The goal of the working group is still to abolish the counting of attempts at FAU. Last Monday, the issue was discussed on a large scale at UNI-Lust, and the topic is also being discussed intensively at the faculties. In addition to the big issue of counting attempts, there is also talk about abolishing compulsory registration for exams, we will definitely keep you updated should any concrete results emerge.

University group support
One of the core areas in the work of the student council is the supported university groups. A diverse and active community of university groups is therefore not only good for the Stuve, but also for the university as a whole. The basis for deciding which groups are supported by the Stuve is the “Position Paper on Supporting Student University Groups”. Due to the more precise definition of “Unrestricted Openness”, we have unfortunately been forced to withdraw our support from some university groups recently. At the next meeting of the student convention, a further adaptation of the paper will be discussed.