The public climate school is back

Uniting the world to tackle climate change!

The climate crisis is the challenge of our time. Schools, universities and colleges should lead the way as places of knowledge and change and provide education that imparts the necessary know-how and creates the corresponding competences for action. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) must take place as a cross-cutting theme in every subject area.

In the spirit of this year’s COP27, Students for Future and Klimabildung e.V. are once again giving climate education and education for sustainable development the stage they deserve.

Together with social organisations, we will show how every subject area can be linked to the climate crisis and sustainability. We demand this, enter into discussion about it and show concrete possibilities for action.

Because change starts with education!

today evening (10.08.2022), at 8pm we start with the kick-off for the school programme:
ZOOM: (in German)
More information at

Further kick-offs will follow in the next few days:

Kick-off-meeting University programme (including local programme)
Mo. 15.08.2022, 17:00pm
ZOOM: (in German)
More information at

Kick-off general orga at federal level
Di. 16.08.2022 19:00 Uhr
ZOOM: (in German)

Studenten bilden Schüler: Organisers wanted!

You can make a valuable contribution to more educational justice in our society! Our non-profit organisation matches students as volunteer tutors with schoolchildren from low-income families for whom paid tutoring is not an option.

Of course, the whole thing doesn’t work without a bit of organisation behind it. We are looking for reinforcement for our three teams:

  • Communication: social media presence, creating advertising material, public relations, fundraising, fun.
  • Pupils: Contact with social institutions, organisation of pupils, fun.
  • Students: Contact with students, arranging tutoring couples, organising get-togethers, fun

Have we caught your interest? Then just write us an e-mail ( or come to one of our meetings (every second Wednesday at 8 pm in Turnstraße 7, room 01.015).

Our next meeting is on 20.07.2022!

(Of course, we are always looking for committed tutors).


Your Erlangen SbS team

Instagram/Facebook: @sbs.erlangen

Further information about the association at:

Invitation to “Support your Sisterhood”

Dear interested women*,

We would like to invite you to our feminist get-together “Support your Sisterhood” on 18.06.2022 at the Women’s Centre Erlangen. The last few years have presented us all with many challenges and difficult situations. We would like to finally get into personal contact with you again. On this evening, we invite all feminist groups, alliances and individuals to come together at the Women’s Centre. We invite you to exchange, network and celebrate, to meet new and old faces and to live feminist practise together.

This evening is meant to be one for us: We want to escape isolation and fill the women’s centre with life again. Let’s find common and different things, be angry about the circumstances and united in our feminist desire!

Here is the preliminary agenda for the evening:
5:00 pm Welcome
5:30 pm – 18:30 World Café (exchange on four topics)
7:00 pm Concert with Elena Steri

Where: Gerberei 4, 91054 Erlangen (The Women’s Centre Erlangen is a wheelchair accessible venue).

In addition to general drinks, there will be some snacks and drink specials (only while supplies last!). For better planning we ask for feedback about participation until 13.06.22.

All groups, associations and alliances are welcome to bring info material; a table will be provided to display these.

The Women’s Centre is a place by women* for women*, therefore men cannot participate in this event.

We are looking forward to seeing you!
Your Women’s Centre Erlangen

1st Diversity Conference of the City of Erlangen

We cordially invite you to the 1st Diversity Conference of the City of Erlangen. The conference will take place on:

Friday, 24 June, 11.30 – 16.30, at Kreuz+Quer, Bohlenplatz 1.

The invitation in simple language as well as the agenda can be found on the website of the City of Erlangen.

Whether in the fight against climate change, in acting considerately during the Corona pandemic or in helping the people from Ukraine: in these crisis-ridden times, we all prove every day how well we can stand together as a city society. That is why the motto of our first Diversity Conference is “Diversity connects”.

At the first Diversity Conference, several departments of the City of Erlangen from the areas of inclusion, health promotion, integration and education jointly invite you. Because we are convinced that diversity unites us.

Please register here by 03.06.2022.


We look forward to your participation!

Education Office, Health RegionPLUS, Office for Equal Opportunities and Diversity / International Relations and Partnership for Democracy in Erlangen

Theatre Workshop “Secret Companions – Social Origin and Education”

Are you the first person in your family to go to university?

Does university sometimes seem like a place with a “foreign” language and unfamiliar manners?

Do you sometimes wonder how to behave in an unfamiliar (academic) world or how to deal with certain situations and experiences during your studies? 

Then we cordially invite you to our theatre workshop: “Secret companions – social background and education”.

The workshop is aimed at students without an academic family background and young people who have found their way to university via the second or third educational path or as first-time students from your family. The aim is to strengthen the self-confidence and the ability to act of students in this group and to find an easier way to deal with hurdles in everyday study life. The workshop uses playful elements of the theatre pedagogical approach to offer participants space for creative alternatives for action in their studies.

Date: 25.06.22, Saturday, 10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Location: Kochstr. 6, 91054 Erlangen, PSG III, room 000.5

The workshop is held in German and free of charge.

Workshop leader: Harald Hahn, theatre pedagogue, lecturer and systemic consultant, more information on the speaker at:

We are looking forward to a lively participation and due to limited capacities we ask for a timely registration at the latest by 10.06.2022 via StudOn