Kick-Off of the student initiative sneep with barbecue at the “BMS”

Summer is coming and so is your motivation to try new things?
You’re interested in ecological sustainability, ethics in economy, politics at university and you want to contribute to a better FAU and society in the future?
You want to be part of a network in Germany and of students of all subjects in Erlangen?

Then join us at our Kick-Off on the 24th of May in 2023 at 6:00 pm. We’ll meet at the Lewin-Poeschke-Anlage (Bürgermeistersteg) in Erlangen.
Feel free to bring your (vegetarian or vegan ;)) barbecue or salad, and your own plates and cutlery and get to know us in a relaxed setting.
You can recognize us by our sneep banner.
Follow us on instagram for more information: @sneep_erlangen.

Deutschland-Ticket upgrade for the Additional Ticket

If you have bought an Additional Ticket for this semester, it is now time to upgrade to the Deutschland-Ticket. If you haven’t done so yet, you will find the code to redeem it in an email from the VAG, which you should have received in the last few weeks depending on the date of purchase. In the following you will find some additional information from the AK Semesterticket about what you have to pay attention to.

The most important thing is that the additional ticket expires at the end of May, and therefore the upgrade is essential for further use. However, you can still use it until then, as long as you only want to travel within the VGN. You can still redeem the upgrade at any time until the end of September, but before that, you won’t be able to drive with it. If you have any questions or problems beyond the following, please contact the AK Semesterticket at

*What to look for:*
1) You have received two emails from VGN/VAG with subject “VGN Onlineshop: Your order xxxxxxx”; once the additional ticket and once the upgrade code.
2) The email was sent from and not from (because VAG as part of VGN runs the online store)
3) The e-mail may have ended up in spam
4) The email was sent to the email address of the app or that of the VGN/Nürnberg-Mobil account; this is not necessarily the university email address (depending on which one was chosen)
5) In the VGN app (probably similar in Nürnberg-Mobil) the voucher can be redeemed in the menu under “Tickets” at the bottom under “Redeem voucher” – and not in the menu item “Deutschland-Ticket”!
6) With the same voucher code you should also have received 3,000 free minutes for the VAG bike (valid until the end of September)!

News from the Stuve

The Stuve is currently working intensively on several issues. These include, for example, the AK Prüfungsversuche (Working Group on Examination Attempts), which is lobbying the university so that we are no longer so severely restricted when it comes to repeating exams. Using the example of Bielefeld (which allows an infinite number of attempts and even the improvement of passed exams), we have explained in a presentation for the Referat L that the extension of exam attempts will probably not negatively influence the average standard period of study, and what advantages it will bring.

Another topic we are concerned with is the problem around the income limit of mini-jobs in combination with the increased minimum wage. Because of about 2€, which exceeds the 520€ limit at 10 hours per week, many students get problems with social security contributions. Some workarounds seem to have been found already. For example, some students report agreements with their health insurer to declare the surplus as advertising costs to avoid problems. If you are affected, a request to your health insurance company may also help you.

A lot is going on internally at the Stuve, and not just because of the approaching university elections. For example, there was recently a big Stuve weekend at the House of Student Representation, where students from various committees and working groups got together to talk about their work in the Stuve and to discuss future prospects for the Stuve concerning the lack of successors in the committees. This also allowed us to network a bit across faculties in a relaxed way, since opportunities to do so are somewhat rare. One of those rare opportunities, however, came just a few weeks ago when the FSVs of the university got together to share ideas on various topics.

The Stuve has also been able to talk to the university in various conversations. For example, at the last meeting of the President with the Sprat, they talked about possible opportunities to make the Stuve more visible on the part of the university and better involved generally. At Pact4Ukraine, two representatives from the Student Council networked with Ukrainian students and discussed their needs.

Information about the 200€ energy price allowance at FAU

The energy price allowance will soon be introduced for us students as well – but unfortunately hidden behind a lot of bureaucracy. To make it easier to keeping track of things and being prepared when the starting signal comes, we have summarized the most important information for you here. You can find a more detailed overview on the flyer for the application.

Update: It was just announced that the codes for the application are planned to be provided by FAU on March 15th.

What requirements do I have to fulfill?
Basically, you must have been enrolled at a university in Germany on December 1st, 2022 and have been residing in Germany in order to be able to apply for the allowance as a student. This also applies to international students. You can find out more about these requirements in the FAQ of the one-time payment.

What can I already prepare for the application?
You must create a bundID account to apply for the allowance. There you can either identify yourself already by using the online ID function (Perso/eID) or ELSTER certificate, or only create an account for now and then use the PIN for identification that FAU will send us soon.

When will we get the codes for the application?
The Ministry (StMWK) will give the go-ahead to the universities as soon as the current testing phase in the various federal states can be completed and any problems that have arisen can be cleared up. At the moment, this is expected to happen at March 15th the lastest. In the meantime, the FAU is preparing a circular email and an information page, which can go live along with the access codes and the PINs for the bundID at the same time.

Where can I get the codes for the application?
FAU will make the personal access codes and PINs for bundID available on campo as soon as it gets the go-ahead from the Ministry. You will find out exactly where they can be found in the circular email that will be sent out or on the information pages that are already being prepared.

By the way:
– The one-time payment of 200 euros is tax-free and is not offset against other social benefits.
– You are also entitled to the one-off payment if you have already received an energy allowance as an employee in September 2022.
– You also have a claim if you recently received other allowances as a BAföG recipient.

Events for March 8th – Feminist Fight Day

Since today’s Stuve newsletter is arriving on a very special day – Feminist Fight Day – we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the many events around FAU, Erlangen and Nuremberg that are raising awareness about equal rights for FLINTA* people. Many of you might also know March 8th as International Women’s Day. However, more and more people are moving away from this name in order to get away from the usual interpretation of an “honoring day” where there are only flowers instead of social change. The name is also becoming more inclusive of broader facets of gender identities.


Rally of Bündnis 8. März on the International Women’s Struggle Day in Nuremberg
On March 8th at 6 pm the rally of Bündnis 8. März Nuremberg for the feminist fight day will start at the Marriage Carousel near the Weißer Turm.

March 8th demonstration – “Women fight internationally: Against war, crisis and capital!”
On March 11th, starting at 2 pm, we will take to the streets of Nuremberg together, meeting at the Plärrer – for a feminist movement that rises up for a world beyond wars, profiteering and violence against women and queer people.

Reclaim the night – Feminist night dance demo for FLINTA* people in Nuremberg.
On March 11th at 7:30 pm, the grand finale of the demos for March 8th will begin at the Weißer Turm with a dance demo across the streets of Nuremberg. With the motto “Reclaim the night” FLINTA* persons can freely express themselves on the streets, which for many at these times of day are otherwise marked by the fear of sexualized violence.
More info


Dedication: orange ZONTA bench at Erlangen City Hall – no place for violence against women and girls
As part of the worldwide campaign “ZONTA Says No”, attention is being drawn to the issue of violence against women and girls and invitations are being extended to talk about it. On March 8th at 2:00 pm it will be officially inaugurated together with Mayor Jörg Volleth in front of the town hall.

Reading of the book “Wir sind doch alle längst gleichberechtigt” by Alexandra Zykunov
In the FAU Schloss, author Alexandra Zykunov will present her book “Wir sind doch alle längst gleichberechtigt – 25 Bullshitsätze und wie wir sie endlich zerlegen” (We are all long since equal – 25 bullshit sentences and how we can finally dismantle them) on March 18th, starting at 6 pm. In cooperation with the Equal Opportunities Office of the City of Erlangen and the FAU Office for Gender & Diversity, she will draw attention to the invisibility of women’s and family issues in the public sphere and politics. This event also includes the following online discussion with experts on the topic.
More info

Reading: زن ٫زندگی ٫ازادی – Zan, Zendegi, Āzādi – Woman, Life, Freedom.
For International Women’s Day on March 8th starting at 7:30 pm, ensemble members Elke Wollmann and Alissa Snagowski will lend their voices to Iranian women at the Theater in der Garage, and human rights activist Maede Soltani will speak about her experiences and the current situation in Iran. The evening will be musically accompanied by singer Shabnam Zamani and Benno Bartels.
More info

HIV & STI Test Evening for FLINTA* Persons
On March 9th from 6 pm to 8 pm the AIDS-Hilfe Nürnberg-Erlangen-Fürth e.V. offers for the first time a test evening for HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea & hepatitis (blood test & smears) for FLINTA* persons only. Anonymous registration at 0911 2309035.
More info

Lecture and talk with Masoumeh Bozorgimoghadam on “Women in Iran”.
The native Iranian Masoumeh Bozorgimoghadam will talk about the current situation in Iran in a moving, personal and informative lecture on March 9th at 7 pm in the House of the Church “KREUZ + QUER” to give a voice to the courageous women and people in Iran and to continue to make their courageous resistance against the repressive regime visible.
More info

Cultural event – Women Live Peace
On March 12th at 7 pm, FLINTA* individuals will show solidarity with women’s struggles in Iran, Afghanistan and around the world for freedom rights, self-determination and political participation as part of the Feminist Fight Day at Nachbarschaftshaus Gostenhof.
More info

Lecture: Black Feminism – Intersectionality
What and who is Black feminism fighting for and where does it still have an impact today? On March 13th, starting at 7:30 pm, Abyan Nur talks about the thinkers and pioneers of Black feminism such as Kimberley Crenshaw and bell hooks, outlining the history of Black feminism in Germany.
More info

Lecture and Reading: “Nobody pushes us away!” – Forgotten women in the Weimar Republic.
Few well-known names – much nameless commitment! On March 16th from 7 pm, Klaus Thaler will present the history of Nuremberg’s educational institutions and deal with the spread of fascism at the beginning of the Weimar Republic.
More info

Online discussion: What does science have to say? – Zoom meeting on the reading by Alexandra Zykunov
Building on the reading of the book “Wir sind doch alle längst gleichberechtigt – 25 Bullshitsätze und wie wir sie endlich zerlegen” by Alexandra Zykunov, experts in research and practice invite you to a Zoom discussion on the topic of equality in the workplace on March 22nd from 6 pm. They will address questions such as how science can counteract imbalances and injustices between women* and men.
More info

Additional March 8th agenda

In the flyers of the Women’s Emergency Call Erlangen and the Equality Office Nuremberg you will find numerous other events around March 8th 2023.