Let’s save 200€ with a 365€ VGN ticket

The working group “Semesterticket Erlangen/Nuremberg” is looking for new members. With the lofty goal of reducing the cost of public transport to 365€ (200€ less than presently), a visit is well worth your while to find out whether we would be a good fit for you! In 2020 a similar ticket was introduced for secondary school students – We want in! We currently find ourselves in a politically favourable time in terms of state support. Get involved in social media and PR, communication, design and much more!

Join us (2-5h a week): hauptorga@semesterticket.org

Next Generation of Speaker’s Council Members!

The Speaker’s Council is ready to accept new members! Those interested in the role would begin their time in office as of February/March. The role is an incredibly multifaceted one and though time-consuming, incredibly rewarding. One is presented with the chance to create real change at our university, act as the bridge between faculties and between students and staff and make use of priceless networking opportunities. We catch-up Mondays 20-23pm! Should you be interested; we cordially invite you to our next meeting (online) on the 17th of January (ZOOM link here [1]).

We welcome you with open arms.

[1] https://fsv.tf/spratzoom

FAU Dialog: Quality of Teaching

The FAU prides itself on the high standard of education and innovation to which we hold ourselves accountable. As such it is essential that we work together with the members of our community to continually better our quality of teaching and maintain our position at the forefront of the education sector. To facilitate such, an open discourse round was held on Monday the 10th of January, to which, students and staff alike were cordially invited.

We asked the tough questions:

  • Whose achievements deserved to be recognised via a Teaching Prize?
  • What should we focus on as we move towards #FAU2025?
  • What are our strengths and wherein lie our weaknesses?

All-in-all, the event was positively received with open-mindedness and critical thinking. We look forward to an ongoing discussion surrounding the issue and implementing the multitude of measures suggested on Monday.


Lara and Michael

New working group: “Improving bicycling infrastructure at FAU”

In the final weeks of 2021, a new student working group was founded to improve bike infrastructure at the FAU. Such includes but is not limited to: repair/service stations, parking spaces and bike lanes. A survey will be conducted in the coming weeks in the interest of gathering data concerning necessary infrastructure. We cordially those who are interested to participate and contribute!

Join our Whatsapp-Group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/E0Wbq08FWgkCgEzlayyg4w

Tax & Application Seminars with btS Erlangen

With the help of two exciting seminars in cooperation with A.S.I. we would like to start  into 2022! On 13.01 (registration via [x]) we will address the deductibility of study costs, advertising costs & utility expenses in our “Tax Seminar for Students & Graduates”. On 25.01 (registration via [y]) the seminar “Secrets of Success in Application” will teach you how to survive successfully the application marathon (self-presentation, job market, application documents, etc.). Both 90-minutes seminars will be held in german & take place via Zoom at 5 p.m.. We are looking forward to your participation! Follow us on Instagram [z] or on the official btS website.

[x] https://limesurvey.bts-ev.de/index.php/884728?lang=de

[y] https://limesurvey.bts-ev.de/index.php/462666?lang=de

[z] https://www.instagram.com/bts_erlangen/