Pressemitteilung zur Verlängerung der individuellen Regelstudienzeit und des BAföG

Gestern Abend wurde im Landtag endlich die Verlängerung der individuellen Regelstudienzeit beschlossen.
Diese ist hoffentlich bis spätestens Ende der Woche auf den Immatrikulationsbescheinigungen sichtbar.

Sollten Probleme Auftauchen, meldet euch gerne bei stuve-lust[at]

Die ganze Pressemitteilung findet ihr hier:

Pressemitteilung “Freischussregelung jetzt”

Nachdem innerhalb der letzten Woche auch die Universitäten Passau und Regensburg noch die Freischussregelung beschlossen haben, haben wir eine erneute Pressemitteilung hierzu verfasst.
Es dürfen keine Studierende zurückgelassen werden und auch aus Gründen der Bildungsgerechtigkeit sollte diese Regel noch rückwirkend für alle Prüfungen des Wintersemesters gelten.

Auch der Minister appelliert in einem Brief, der uns Freitag zuging, an die Hochschulen und Universitäten, dass eine Freischussregelung erneut geprüft werden solle!

Liebe Universitätsleitung und Fakultätsleitungen, bitte ermöglichen Sie diese Regelung jetzt! Es werden so mehr Studierende einen Studienfortschritt erlangen, weniger Studierende ihr Studium abbrechen und auch weniger Studierende die Universität wechseln!

Newest information regarding exams and studying from the student working group LuSt

Hi fellow students!
We, the working group for Teaching and Studies of the Students Representation, would like to give you an important update!
Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been meeting almost weekly to talk about the situation and important issues. In addition, we have a regular exchange with the Vice President for Teaching and the state-wide representation of the student body (LAK Bayern).
Unfortunately, the state government has structurally neglected us in some parts or put decisions on the back burner, but we follow up regularly.

  • The cabinet has also decided that “Click&Collect”, i.e. pure collection of pre-ordered literature from libraries – with FFP2 mask – is allowed again. The University Library will post the necessary information about this on its website ( tomorrow (Friday Jan. 22) morning. It is expected that the four main locations (Hauptbib, TNZB, WSZB, EZB) will start with “Click&Collect” on Monday.
  • With the help of the city of Erlangen, the Studentenwerk Erlangen-Nürnberg will receive a donation for FFP2 and surgical masks. The handover will take place tomorrow (Friday 22.01.). Then the Studentenwerk can distribute free FFP2 masks to needy students in Erlangen (proof with emergency fund or BaföG notice). A solution for other locations is being worked on. Maybe, FFP2 masks will also be sold to all students at the wholesale purchase price. You will find more information about this soon at
  • You can withdraw until the official start of each exam without experiencing any disadvantages! This is regulated in §5 of the Corona Statutes ( The exam attempt will then not be considered as taken and will be cancelled. For planning reasons, please cancel your registration as soon as you have decided that you will not take the exam.
  • Your professors can still change the form of the examination from an attendance examination to a digital examination form according to §2 para. 3 sentence 5 of the Corona Statutes, provided that the same competencies are being examined. However, this should urgently take place in agreement with ALL students of the course. Please contact your examiners if you would like to know whether this would be a possibility for your exam.  
  • Currently, there are considerations whether the so-called “repeat exams” offered in some subjects (especially PhilFak and NatFak) in March/April could be offered as equivalent exam dates to those in February. Thus, these could also be written as a first attempt without having to have taken the exam in February before. Whether this is feasible in terms of examination law and logistics still needs to be examined. We see a high degree of urgency here and are definitely very committed to this.
    Update 25.01. 14h30: “As far as you do not participate in an exam, in study programs in which a repetition is still offered within the winter semester 2020/2021 (“repetition date“), it applies that you can participate in this exam in the repetition date. You will be registered for this repeat date by the examination office. A non-appearance at this repeat date is also without consequences. Please note, however, that it may then only be possible to take an exam again in the semester after next on the regular date.” Source:
  • We have also dealt extensively with the general ban on pregnant women entering the university and have spoken with many of the agencies involved (women’s representatives, family services, occupational safety, students). This is intended to serve as a protection and with this, affected persons can receive a disadvantage compensation and thus an alternative examination format. If you are not sure how to act in this situation, you can anonymously contact the Family Service ( for advice.
  • If you have to travel to exams, you are allowed to do so! A ban on accommodation only applies to private overnight stays. In the case of traveling to an exam, it is a kind of business trip. If you can prove that you have to come to the exam, you are allowed to stay overnight. This means: if you travel to Erlangen or Nuremberg for teaching or an exam, you are allowed to do so. The university is currently trying to find framework agreements with hotels so that you can stay there at favorable conditions.
  • For presence exams, the app is used for quick contact tracking. For this you can use the WLAN eduroam ( in the buildings of the university!

In order to protect yourselves and all fellow students and examiners in the coming days, we ask you: 

  • Keep the distance! In the exam rooms, the seats are marked with sufficient distance, but also remember before and after the exam, if it is tempting to stand together and chat.  
  • Wear a mask! Even outside the building if there are a lot of people there and inside anyway. Wear the mask over your mouth AND nose, don’t finger it too often, and be sure to change it after several uses. There is a general obligation to wear a mask during exams, but no obligation to wear an FFP2 mask.  
  • Hand hygiene! Wash your hands, use disinfectants where available and otherwise refrain from eating and unnecessary touching of the face. 
  • If you are sick, stay at home! Please, keep to it! Even if it’s just “a little cough”, stay home, don’t risk it! You don’t need a doctor’s note. 
  • Install the Corona alert app! It meets high privacy standards and can be helpful in contact tracking.  – Stay calm. This is an exceptional situation and no one wants to catch it, but panicking won’t help. Stay calm, follow the rules, be kind and considerate, and you’ll be fine.  
  • Ask! If you are unsure about the rules or belong to a risk group for a severe course or are pregnant, please feel free to contact your examiners, the family service (, the Corona-Info of the FAU ( or us as student representatives (Teaching and Studies:, Spokespersons, StudOn-Forum:, anonymous contact form here:  
  • Get informed! Read the emails from the student representation, the university administration and subscribe to our Telegram news channel:

You can find more Informationa at:

Tipps und Tricks – Stuve approved

Gestern haben auf der virtuellen Erstsemesterbegrüßung Lisa und Paulus die Stuve vorgestellt und einige wertvolle Tipps für den Studienbeginn und -alltag präsentiert.
Wir wollen uns nochmal für all die technischen Probleme entschuldigen, auch wir machen das das erste Mal und waren von dem Ansturm von Interessent*innen überrascht.

Hier könnt ihr nochmal die Folien herunterladen und anschauen! Wenn ihr weitere Fragen habt meldet euch gerne unter:

Yesterday at the virtuell welcome event for new first year students at FAU, Lisa and Paulus introduced the Stuve and presented worthfull tipps and tricks for the start of the study programs and the life in the region Erlangen-Nürnberg.
We say sorry about all the tecnical problems that occured but it was also our first time to do an online welcome event. Moreover we definetley were surprised about the amount of students who were interested in our presentation!

Here you can download the slides. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and write us an e-mail to: