Erlangen City Council supports the introduction of a 365€ ticket

At yesterday’s meeting of the Erlangen city council’s transport committee, it was unanimously decided to support a 365€ ticket for students. This is a great success after our signature collection in April/May for a citizens’ petition. A total of 5,000 signatures were collected. In Erlangen we have reached our goal, in Nuremberg we are still collecting signatures. Anyone who has not yet signed or still wants to support us can contact

The responsability is now in the state government’s court to urgently give us a 365€ ticket!

You can read our press release here (german only): Pressemitteilung_Zustimmung_365EUR-Ticket



Sustainable Campus Week light

All events will take place in german.

The Sustainability Weeks light are a festival where actors around the topic of sustainability can have their say and get into action! Not only scientists and experts present their lectures, but also artists, directors and many other interesting forces are invited. We – the ecoref of the Stuve – would like to bring the vision of a diverse, colorful and interactive festival to life with you students and interested people. Due to the Corona pandemic, we will not be able to participate in the festival in its colorfulness live and present on the Unicampus, but we will not let that get us down: We invite you from 07.06.-18.06.2021 to actively visit the individual contributions of the Sustainability Weeks light via Zoom. It’s worth it!

On 07.06 at 7 pm a lecture and panel discussion on transparency in supply chain practice will kick off. Only recently the concrete planning of a supply chain law became public. So the topic is topical.

On 14.06. we invite you to the Ökoplenum at 6 p.m. to discuss topics of sustainability together with us – a part of the student administration. Among other things, we will discuss the possibilities of a sustainable development of the university. Last but not least, we would like to encourage you to get involved: get to know us and work together with us and the university committees towards a more sustainable university!

On June 15, starting at 6 p.m., there will be three presentations on sustainable banking. Triodos Bank, one of Europe’s leading sustainability banks, will introduce the lecture trialogue. This will be followed by Umweltbank, which is said to be Germany’s greenest bank. Third, Sparkasse/Deka will present its sustainability concept. Find out here which initiatives the banks have taken for more sustainability and whether the innovative being outweighs the appearance of mere slogans.

The lecture series FAU against CO2 will take place on June 16 at 6:15 pm. Prof. Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark will present the necessity and significance of Intergovernmental Panels on Climate Change (IPCC reports) from the perspective of a climate scientist in physics.

If you feel like watching a documentary on climate activism, you are encouraged to tune in on Wednesday, June 17 at 6pm. Here you can dive into the explosive events that took place in Hambacher Forst in 2018. From the dizzyingly high tree houses, the director Lukas Reiter lets you participate in the struggle for the Hambach Forest. After a joint film screening, the young filmmaker will be available to talk to you about his documentary, which won the Young Filmmakers Award at the Duisburg Film Week.

At the end of Sustainability Weeks Light, junior scientist Ha To-Trinh Nguyen (Berlin/Maastricht) will give an interactive talk on Bipoc – Sustainability – Mental Health. She will explore the questions of how societal structures affect the mental health of national minorities and how social change could look like, in that national minorities could also participate in health and well-being, but also fair work in a sustainable way.

We are very much looking forward to your participation and to a lively exchange on the particularly important topic of sustainability. You can find the Zoom-Link to the several events at [1]. More information will follow on Instagram [2] and the website [3].



Pressemitteilung zur Verlängerung der individuellen Regelstudienzeit und des BAföG

Gestern Abend wurde im Landtag endlich die Verlängerung der individuellen Regelstudienzeit beschlossen.
Diese ist hoffentlich bis spätestens Ende der Woche auf den Immatrikulationsbescheinigungen sichtbar.

Sollten Probleme Auftauchen, meldet euch gerne bei stuve-lust[at]

Die ganze Pressemitteilung findet ihr hier:

Pressemitteilung “Freischussregelung jetzt”

Nachdem innerhalb der letzten Woche auch die Universitäten Passau und Regensburg noch die Freischussregelung beschlossen haben, haben wir eine erneute Pressemitteilung hierzu verfasst.
Es dürfen keine Studierende zurückgelassen werden und auch aus Gründen der Bildungsgerechtigkeit sollte diese Regel noch rückwirkend für alle Prüfungen des Wintersemesters gelten.

Auch der Minister appelliert in einem Brief, der uns Freitag zuging, an die Hochschulen und Universitäten, dass eine Freischussregelung erneut geprüft werden solle!

Liebe Universitätsleitung und Fakultätsleitungen, bitte ermöglichen Sie diese Regelung jetzt! Es werden so mehr Studierende einen Studienfortschritt erlangen, weniger Studierende ihr Studium abbrechen und auch weniger Studierende die Universität wechseln!