News from the Stuve

In the last month we have been busy, besides the upcoming university election, where you can choose your representatives for the next year, we have dealt with the following topics.

Semesterticket and Deutschlandticket
Towards the end of the year, the Deutschlandticket will be available in Bavaria at a reduced price of €29, which will relieve a large part of the student body financially. Considering these new conditions, the Student Convention has decided to pause the solidarity ticket, consisting of a basic ticket and an additional ticket in the winter semester. We will keep a close eye on future developments, especially with regard to the price of the Deutschlandticket, and will re-evaluate our decision in this regard if there are any changes.

University elections 2023
Soon the university elections will start at FAU. You can cast your vote electronically from 20.06. 9:00 am until 27.06. 9:00 am. Don’t panic if you haven’t thought about which lists can best represent your opinions. You will receive an information mail from us before the election starts, in which we will present the lists running for the student Council and explain the election procedure to you in detail. Until then, you can have a look at the university election compass. There you can answer questions, as you probably already know from the Wahl-O-Mat, and get a quick result. Otherwise, just keep your eyes open for information material and election booths on campus. You can find more detailed information here.

Abolition of exam attempts
The project, which started in the department for teaching and studies, is still going on. The goal of the working group is still to abolish the counting of attempts at FAU. Last Monday, the issue was discussed on a large scale at UNI-Lust, and the topic is also being discussed intensively at the faculties. In addition to the big issue of counting attempts, there is also talk about abolishing compulsory registration for exams, we will definitely keep you updated should any concrete results emerge.

University group support
One of the core areas in the work of the student council is the supported university groups. A diverse and active community of university groups is therefore not only good for the Stuve, but also for the university as a whole. The basis for deciding which groups are supported by the Stuve is the “Position Paper on Supporting Student University Groups”. Due to the more precise definition of “Unrestricted Openness”, we have unfortunately been forced to withdraw our support from some university groups recently. At the next meeting of the student convention, a further adaptation of the paper will be discussed.


Are you enthusiastic about the topics of human rights, prevention of human trafficking and education about the loverboy method, would you like to learn more and educate yourself about it? Do you love to travel and can you imagine conducting workshops at different locations in Bavaria? Then you are exactly right with us! With the support of the Bavarian State Ministry for Family, Labor and Social Affairs (StMAS), the JADWIGA counseling center has launched a campaign to prevent sexual exploitation and provide information about the so-called loverboy method, which is being carried out in schools throughout Bavaria.


To inform young people aged 13-18 about human trafficking and the loverboy method in the interest of human rights education


  • You are at least 18 years old •
  • You study/ have a degree in social work, pedagogy, educational science, political science, psychology or a comparable subject or have completed your degree at an FOS for education and social affairs or •
  • You have already gained experience in conducting workshops •
  • A high willingness to travel


  • Human trafficking and loverboy method training
  • The opportunity to learn and deepen work-related skills and soft skills, such as basic knowledge of human trafficking and human rights education
  • A fair expense allowance per workshop assignment (start summer/autumn 2023)
  • Including reimbursement of travel expenses
  • Recognition of your work in the form of a certificate
  • Making new contacts, enjoying the work and integration into a dedicated team
  • The opportunity to make an important contribution to education about the loverboy method and to prevent human trafficking The workshops will be in German, a good speking level is required.

The next introductory seminar will take place at the beginning of July. Registrations until mid-June to: Diana Sachon,, Tel.: 089 38534456 More information:

Book lecture: Precarious employment in science

Book lecture (in German) on 23rd of June 2023, 6:15pm, kleiner Hörsaal Bismarckstr. 1a Erlangen.

Since 2007, the Academic Temporary Contract Act has made working conditions and career prospects for mid-level academics precarious: the majority of scientists work their way from one fixed-term job to the next, and those who do not have a permanent position after twelve years are finally out of the system. When a video by the Ministry of Research came into focus in 2021, in which the supposed advantages of the law were praised using the example of the fictional biologist “Hanna”, Amrei Bahr, Kristin Eichhorn and Sebastian Kubon launched the hashtag #IchBinHanna.

Within a few hours, countless scientists vented their anger. They describe the effects of precariousness on their lives, reports of overwork and depression. The media took up the topic and a little later »Hanna« even made it into the Bundestag. In their polemic, the initiators explain the consequences of the »WissZeitVG« for researchers and students, but also for Germany as a location for science and our society as a whole. They summarize the field reports under #IchBinHanna and present their demands for better working conditions in research and teaching. Speaker: Kristin Eichhorn, co-editor of the book «#IchBinHanna. Precarious science in Germany», represents a professorship for modern German literature at the University of Stuttgart. She gives us an insight into the background and history of the #IchBinHanna campaign, talks about the precarious situation for scientists and the Science Contract Act. Afterwards there will be the opportunity for joint discussion. An event organized by GEW Studis FAU and the Kurt-Eisner-Verein.

Ticket sale for the ARENA Festival 2023 now open

This year’s ARENA Festival is just around the corner and it promises five days full of excitement, creativity and chaos. From 21 to 25 of June 2023, Erlangen will become a hotspot for dance, theatre and (performance-)art. Eight international artist groups will bring the festival motto CHAOS to newly created as well as already established stages. In the supporting programme, the audience can get involved themselves. The student-organised ARENA Festival is taking place for the 33rd time this year. With changing mottos and a selection of international artist groups, the festival annually creates a platform for creativity, exchange and extraordinary experiences. “This year, the festival picks up on the generally perceptible uncertainty and overwhelming nature of the current world situation,” says Florian Fischer, board member of the association ARENA – der jungen Künste e.V..

The festival week will be officially opened on 21 June at 6 pm in the experimental theatre of the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg. In the opening performance “Rauschen” (Noise), the collective “fau” is looking for the pause button. They want to escape the chaos of everyday life, hear what silence sounds like and experience what it means to break through the walls of noise. Miriam Sapio from the ARENA board explains, “We want to surrender to the chaotic everyday life and question what we can counter the chaos artistically.” In the diverse supporting programme, the audience can participate physically, emotionally and mentally themselves in various workshops. The team behind the festival calls on the audience: “Let’s be chaotic!”

Tickets go on sale online on 1 of June, and can be purchased directly at Hugenottenplatz in the city centre between 6 and 17 of June. More information on the plays, the free supporting programme and the ticket shop can be found at

CHAOS-PRE-PARTY on 9 June at ZeWi | ARENA Festival is looking for help

The ARENA team invites you to the CHAOS-PRE-PARTY – a night full of music and dancing. DJs Shanel Prader, Adrihs and Paul Falcke will lure you onto the dance floor with dark disco/house/techno. Let yourself be carried away by energetic beats and electrifying rhythms and get in the mood for the upcoming festival!

But the party is not only there to ring in the festival – we are also looking for enthusiastic helpers who want to be part of an extraordinary festival. During the party you will have the opportunity to learn more about the ARENA Festival and meet our team directly. We are looking for committed and reliable people who want to look behind the scenes and support us in running the festival. You will get an insight into the organisation of the festival, the opportunity to meet new people as well as an internship certificate and 1 ECTS point for at least 25 hours of support. It doesn’t matter if you can only do one shift or if you can support us the whole week – WE WANT YOU!

Are you up for it? Then come to our CHAOS-PRE-PARTY on 9 June at ZeWi Erlangen or register without obligation at in our volunteer portal.