Ref PR relaunch: Help shape our social media and communication platforms!

Dear students,

the Public Relations working group will meet for the first time in the winter semester 2022/2023 on Friday, 11/11/2022, at 8 pm.

The meeting will take place in the building of the Student Council at Turnstraße 7, 91054 Erlangen (entrance in the backyard) in room 01.013 on the 1st floor (through the kitchen). The meeting will take place under 3G rules. I still ask, if possible, to test yourselves up to 24h before.

The Ref PR takes care of public relations, i.e. we want to promote events and topics around the university among the students and the public. This includes the creation of info videos, maintenance of the Stuve blog, poster, flyer, and sticker advertising for events, creation of social media posts, and communication in all directions, …

Since in the last semesters the unit, unfortunately, had too few active people, we want to relaunch the unit. Among others, the following topics should be taken up (again):

  • Stuve regulars’ table
  • Stuve Coach
  • (Live) reports from various festivals
  • Stuve merch
  • Stuve news in reel format
  • different actions/events (e.g. Stuve-Christmas market, Speeddating,..)
  • and much more

If needed, food will be ordered. Therefore we ask you to register here until 10.11.2022, so that we can plan better.

We are looking forward to having many participants.


FAU Award for Teaching and Award for good Teaching

Teaching is alongside researching one of the big tasks of a university, even if it is sometimes not recognized as much.

To value teaching, the FAU awards one junior scientist per faculty a prize for teaching. Additionally, the Bavarian Ministry of Science, Research and Art awards two lecturers at the FAU a prize for good teaching.

We as Students can make suggestions of lecturers to our deans of studies, who we think taught well and innovatively  so that they have a greater chance of being recognized for their effort.

Additional information can be found under:

Ausschreibung FAU-Lehrpreis_2023 (Only available in German)  Ausschreibung Preis für gute Lehre_2022(Only available in German) Leitfragen Lehrpreis_EN

Kick-off sneep Erlangen

Do you want to make a difference while studying at FAU? Do you want to promote topics related to sustainability? Maybe you already have an idea for a project that should definitely be implemented? Then come to our get-to-know meeting on 08.11. at 18:00! Drinks and pizza will be provided.

In our local group of sneep e. V. in Erlangen, basically every project and every idea is conceivable and feasible – only the relation to sustainability counts.

You can find more information about us and our projects on instagram and facebook.

Error cancelling exam registration on Campo

If you have tried to deregister from a (first) exam in the last few months, you should now check if this really happened or if you got a failed attempt entered instead.

Until recently, when you deregistered from an exam at campo, the “Cancel registration” button of the privacy policy canceled the deregistration attempt instead of confirming the deregistration. If you tried to deregister from the exam via this button according to the exam regulations, check if you were actually deregistered or if a failed attempt was entered for you.

If a failed attempt is displayed, contact the respective administrators of your study program via email. Put the Sprat ( and Thomas Purr ( into the CC, so that no cases are lost in the chaos. If there are problems or you have further questions, you can also contact us via our suggestion box.

For your Information:
Most examination regulations require you to cancel your registration at least 3 workdays prior to the exam and do not allow stepping back from a repeat exam.

Zoom chat: Studying with a disability

Studying can present a wide range of challenges for people with physical and mental disabilities. In a relaxed atmosphere, the Zoom chat on 7 Ocotber at 4 p.m. will provide a digital space for networking and exchanging tips and tricks about studying with disabilities. The chat takes place regularly on every 2nd Friday. The link to the Zoom chat is available on the website of the Office for Gender and Diversity (