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For current information/news and positions regarding exams of the student council, please see our blog post:

If you have questions or problems with the current special regulations of the university and these cannot be answered by using the links below, please write to and we will take care of it or forward it accordingly. Even if the Corona crisis puts you in a financial or study emergency situation, you can still contact us.

Zoom Video-Tool

As you all know, Zoom licenses were purchased for all students through the university. There are detailed instructions on how to use Zoom on the RRZE [11] website and also a statement from the RRZE [12] on the privacy concerns about Zoom.

To make sure you can use Zoom without installing software or creating an account, we have put together some instructions for you here [13]. As an alternative to Zoom, the RRZE also provides Jitisi [14] or [15].

[15] (not RRZE)

City Erlangen Information

As information from the city of Erlangen, we have received the following regarding the exit restrictions for shared flats: How are shared flats affected by the curfew? Are several flatmates no longer allowed to leave the house together (shopping, sports, etc.)? Answer of the mayor Dr. Florian Janik and the municipality:

  • leaving the house together is allowed in principle, because „close family“ means people who live together in the same house (WG=one household), but, one should not go to visit family members who live elsewhere
  • Sports and exercise in the fresh air is allowed as well, but only alone or with members of your own household and without any other group formation
  • Nevertheless: be a role model for others, do not go out in groups and it is the best to divide up, even if you can prove that you live together!


Service of UB an Nomos eLibrary

The e-book offer has been expanded by many publishers worldwide especially for this time of crisis, so that you can use some books online both with and without VPN.

One new feature is access to the Nomos eLibrary. Until 2 April there is access for the entire stock. This will cover topics such as media and communication sciences, journalism, film and theatre studies, sociology, economics, etc. You can either access the offer with a VPN via the Uninetz [9], [12]). Or without VPN with the following link via SSO logon [10]

The University Library also offers a page with an overview of all e-book offers that are now available. [11]

Of course, all the e-books available to date can still be used over the Uninetz (via VPN [12]).


In times of closed universities and colleges we can recommend the online services of the Computer Science Student Council of the TU Dortmund University. It can support you in your studies away from the university. This offer is explicitly addressed to all members of universities and colleges, but may also be used for private purposes. Under [13] you will find an overview of the online services offered by the student council. Worth mentioning in the current situation:

  • Jitsi Meet: Video conference in the browser, no extra program necessary.
  • Mumble: Audio conference, scaled to many users
  • CodiMD: Collaborative Markdown Documents.
  • GitLab: git, issue tracker, CI,…
  • NextCloud: Shared files and calendars.
  • ShareLaTeX(overleaf): Collaborative LaTeX documents.
  • Matrix/Riot: Federated chat, optionally encrypted.

Thumbs up for the dedicated students at the TU Dortmund University and thank you very much for these great free features!



In this situation, which puts our health system to the test, all helping hands are needed. If you are a student of a medical subject or have an education and you are able to help, you can register on the platform „medis-vs-covid19“ [14]. There, all clinics and health authorities can enter their needs for helping hands and you will be matched according to the postal code you entered. The platform was created in cooperation of the Federal Representation of Medical Students (bvmd) and the Federal Ministries.



This situation is new to all of us and it's okay to find it exhausting. It's okay to feel lonely, it's okay to worry. For people who already have difficulties in coping with dark thoughts in their normal, busy everyday life, this new, isolated situation can be a special challenge. But also everyone and everyone else can encounter such thoughts in this situation. The telephone counselling service [15] is busy and can help, and many pastors from religious communities are now increasingly offering telephone calls. Also the constant being together can intensify conflicts. The help line for women [16], the victim telephone [17] and the child protection association [18] offer help around the clock. A psychosocial counseling center [19] and other contact points [20] can still be found at the Studentenwerk (Student Services).


Office for Gender and Diversity: contact point for experiences of discrimination, racism or sexual harassment

Students may also face discrimination, racism or sexual harassment in digital life and teaching. If you have this experience, do not hesitate to contact the FAU's Gender and Diversity Office. This is a contact point where you can anonymously report your case by phone or video call and of course get free advice. You can find more information on this topic and the exact contact persons on the website of the Office for Gender and Diversity. [21]


Support your locals

Due to Corona a lot of shops and restaurant struggle financially. We ask you to support them by buying food or other things. [23]


Financial support

There is a package of government measures that parents & single parents who now have less income can get a child supplement. [24]

There is a guideline of the city of Erlangen for students in financial need. In this PDF [25] the offices that can help are listed.


[25] Leitfaden_finanzielle_Unterstützung