University Elections 2020

Postal voting documents Deadline for submission:
14th July 2020 – 3 pm

How many crosses can I make? And where? What do I have to do to vote?

You can drop the postal voting documents in the mailbox directly at the castle (Schloßplatz 4) or in any Deutsche Post mailbox.

All information about the university election 2020 can also be found on the official website of the Chancellor’s Office or on the overview page of the university administration.

Student Convention: Appearing lists and candidates.

All lists of candidates for the convention can be found with their positions in the Stuve’s University Election Compass.

Faculty council and student representatives of your faculty

Other boldies

The other student staffed committees and institutions then result indirectly, for example the student representatives in the Senate and University Council or the student representatives of the student board.

The following diagram roughly outlines the interrelationships of the university committees. Descriptions of the details can be found in the respective sub-categories of student representatives and university-wide committees or faculty and department-wide committees at FAU.

The graphics can and should be used and distributed as desired.

Here again as PDF


An overview of the most important announcements concerning the HS Election 2020 for you:

  • 25th June 4 pm Panel discussion with representatives of all groups for the student convention
  • 30th June 6 pm Speeddating I with candidates of all groups for the student convention
  • 02nd July 6 pm Speeddating II with candidates of all groups for the student convention
  • 29th June til 06th July Instagram Takeover of the @uni_fau channel
  • 4th July til 12 July Q&A videos of the groups on the @stuve_fau channel
    the election documents must be in the castle by 14th July til 3 pm