University Elections 2021

Deadline for submission of postal voting documents or the digital casting of vote: 22. June 2021, 12 am Election portal:

All relevant information regarding the election:

  1. How are elections held?
    • You will receive two ballot papers for the university election, one for the Student Convention and one for the Faculty Council. You have 15 votes for the Convention and 4 votes for the Faculty Council. You can distribute these by crosses, tally marks or numbers. The following is possible:
      • Voting of lists:
        You only tick your preferred list above. Thus, the candidates of these lists are each given one vote from top to bottom until the maximum number of votes has been reached.
        Attention: if the checked list has fewer persons than votes you can distribute, each candidate receives only one vote – the remaining votes expire!
      • Voting of persons:
        You can split your votes between different candidates, no matter from which list. It should be noted, however, that a maximum of 3 votes can be given to each candidate.
      • You can also perform a mixture of both. Then at first your personal votes will be counted and the rest will be used for your preferred list.
      • Example ballots: Faculty councils and student Board
      • Letter ballot: The university election 2021 will optionally take place  by online or postal vote
  2. Where can I vote?
    • You can drop the postal voting documents in the mailbox directly at the castle (Schloßplatz 4) or in any Deutsche Post mailbox.
    • the link for digital voting will be provided to you by the university in advance.
  3. Who and what is elected?
  4. Hochschul – what? You still have no idea what it’s all about? Then watch the following video. Svenja and Lisa explain everything you need to know about the university elections.#meineFAU​​ – Der Uni-Vlog. Ein Guide für die Hochschulwahlen (in german)

You can find the most important date announcements around the 2021 university elections here in the coming weeks:

  • Until 22.06., 12:00 o’clock you must have cast your vote online or in case of absentee ballot the election documents must be in the castle.

You can also find all information about the 2021 university election on the official Election Office Page of the Chancellor’s Office or on the Overview page of the university administration.

Other committees with student participation

dStudents are also represented in other committees and institutions. The students who represent the Stuve in these bodies are elected either by the Student Convention or the respective student representatives.  Examples of positions to be filled are the two student representatives in Senate und Universitätsrat or the students in the Commission for Teaching and Studies.

The following graphic is intended to give you an overview of the committees to be elected. You can also find more detailed information on the respective pages of the homepage, in particular under Student Representationuniversity-wide committees und Faculty- and department-wide committees.

The graphic may be used and distributed as you wish.

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