Faculty of Medicine

The Student Representative Body (FSV) of the Faculty of Medicine is the body elected annually by the students of our faculty in the university elections to represent their university policy interests and concerns. These 9 representatives* are voting members in a large number of university and faculty committees, where they act as the voice of the students and support improvements in teaching and student-friendly conditions at our faculty.

We play a decisive role in the distribution of the state study subsidies granted to improve teaching and ensure a reasonable distribution of these subsidies. In this way, for example, student tutors can be financed as trainers, the equipment of the SkillsLab PERLE or materials for practical courses in teaching clinics.

The teaching structures of the individual courses of study in our faculty can also often be optimised through impulses from the FSV and suggestions for discussion in the committees that are capable of making decisions. Close communication with the student body is an essential prerequisite for being able to position oneself at all times as a trustworthy contact between students and the teaching staff. Regular networking meetings with FSIs and students of the different study programmes enable us to stay continuously informed about the respective concerns and concerns.

The implementation of the new medical and dental licensing regulations, the Medical Campus Upper Franconia or the revision of the framework conditions of the PJ in Erlangen will also raise many differences in the coming semesters, where the consideration of student concerns must be guaranteed.

It is also important to integrate promising digital teaching formats, which were developed for the online semesters due to COVID-19, into our studies in the long term.

In view of the extensive challenges our faculty is facing, a reliable FSV and its integration into the corresponding decision-making processes is more important than ever.

The candidates for the university elections from 12.06.2024 to 19.06.2024 will be listed here from the end of May.