Faculty of Sciences

The student representative body of the Faculty of Science is the lowest elected body of student representatives at the Faculty of Science. Our most important tasks are to support the four student representatives in the Faculty Council and to network the student council initiatives at the Faculty of Science.
For example, we support the FSI’s with financial means for the trip to student council meetings or for important purchases, such as grills or computers. We also promote networking among the student councils through a rental list of important items and a networking meeting every semester.
The student representatives in the faculty council decide, for example, on changes to your examination regulations. Furthermore, we send representatives to various committees such as study grant commissions, which decide on the distribution of the study grant funds in your departments.
Under normal circumstances, however, we also have our own events, such as our office hours at the individual departments or a beer pong tournament in summer. Finally, we are also the contact for the university-wide student representation for the faculty’s interests. In addition to the 15 directly elected representatives, we send 3 more to the student convent.

The candidates for the university elections from 12.06.2024 to 19.06.2024 will be listed here from the end of May.