Faculty of Engineering

Not only do we represent you in numerous committees such as the Faculty Council, which are concerned with improving study conditions in the form of FPO changes or examination planning, but we also have many other projects. Some of them are the acquisition of water dispensers, the drafting of poster guidelines for a sensible use of the poster pillars, the removal of bicycle corpses from the campus or the acquisition of a stationary bicycle pump, which will be delivered soon. Most of our projects take place in working groups, in which especially students who are not elected to the FSV are involved in order to implement these projects. For example, there is the AK Hörsaalkino, thanks to which the lecture theatre can regularly take place in our company. But also less frequent events have their own AK, such as the TechFak Summer Party, TechFak goes Downtown or the introduction for first semester students. Even things that are already taken for granted, such as the water dispenser in front of the TNZB, are supervised by our own AK. You would like to participate in the design of your TechFak? Then get in touch with us and we will find the right place for you!

The candidates for the university elections from 12.06.2024 to 19.06.2024 will be listed here from the end of May.