In memory of 50 years without a constituted student body in Bavaria

Memorial wreath laying in the Schlossgarten with FAU President Joachim Hornegger

The 21st of December, 2023, marked for us the 50th anniversary of the decision to abolish the Student Body Representation in Bavaria—a day of deep sorrow. On this occasion, we laid a funeral wreath at the fountain in the castle garden. You may already be familiar with the debate, but if not, you can learn a thing or two about it here.

“Even though most Bavarian students no longer know what a Student Body Representation is, we still feel the consequences of its abolition profoundly,” said Emil Fischer, Chairman of the Erlangen Student Representation, in response to an inquiry. But what does the constitution of the student body actually entail? “Since its abolition, we, as a group of students, are no longer legal entities. Therefore, we cannot enter into contracts, manage our own funds, or determine our constitution. Much of this currently operates only through detours and makeshift solutions, for which we depend on the collaboration and goodwill of the university management and the student services. Everything else is entirely impossible,” added Ann-Sophie Scholl, student senator at FAU. Bavaria, as often the case, occupies a special role; it is currently the only federal state without a “constituted” student body, which was abolished by a resolution on December 21, 1973, to “dry up the left-wing swamp at the universities” (Hans Maier, the then Bavarian Minister of Culture). At that time, Bavaria was not alone in this approach, but since Baden-Württemberg reintroduced the student body in 2011, Bavaria is now the last federal state without one.

“That was a completely different time when tensions ran much higher. However, the fact that even after 50 years and in entirely different circumstances, we still have to endure this harassment and hindrance in our daily work is disproportionate,” expressed Leon Bernáth, Deputy Chairman of the Student Representation.

Since then, the opposition has occasionally made efforts to reintroduce the Student Body Representation, but due to the unique political situation in Bavaria, this has so far remained futile. This is why students have resorted to extraordinary measures to draw attention to their plight.

News from the Stuve

Department for Teaching and Studies

The discussion about the abolition of attempt counting for examinations and the abolition of compulsory registration is still very much on our minds, and we expect a decision to be made soon by the university-wide committees. We are still trying to convince the members of our arguments, some of which can be found in the position paper of the Student Convention.
The idea has also been discussed in some faculties in recent months. However, it remains to be seen whether the debate here will swing in a different direction from the university-wide debate.

In addition to this main topic, we are continuing to provide feedback and suggestions for improvements to CAMPO performance. A second workshop between students and those responsible is to take place soon, where we will present our (sometimes really urgent) improvements.

At a unit meeting scheduled for the end of January, we want to focus more on the university’s accreditation reports and find a form of regular meeting dates. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at

Speakers’ Council

As you can see from the email, Leon Bernath left the Spokesperson’s Council on 01.01 and resigned from the office of Deputy Convention Chairperson. His successor is Alina Abel, who has been a member of the Council since the beginning of the term of office.

University group feedback

In December, we carried out the feedback of the supporting university groups for the first time according to the new and significantly more extensive rules adopted in the summer semester. Reviewing the results still takes an enormous amount of time and requires detailed handling as well as a lot of communication with those also responsible on a voluntary basis. Some groups are part of the next Convention meetings, while we are still in contact with others.

Call for entries „Stockmeyer NACHWUCHSPREIS 2024“

One of the aims of the Heinrich Stockmeyer Foundation is to promote young scientists who practicable solutions and application-oriented research in areas relevant to the food industry areas and thus contribute to improve food safety and strengthen consumer and strengthen consumer confidence in the quality of food.
The prize is endowed with 2,500 euros.
The prize is intended to honor young scientists whose work is characterized in particular by their high practical relevance. The possible implementation of measures in the production of safe and high-quality food is the main focus.
Prizes are awarded in particular to Bachelor’s and Master’s theses as well as comparable scientific theses or corresponding publications that demonstrate the aforementioned high application and practical relevance and are not older than two years. Doctoral and post-doctoral theses as well as theses that have already won awards will not be considered. Both individuals and working groups active in research in Germany or abroad can be nominated. The prize is aimed at people up to the age of 30.
Scientists and members of scientific institutions are eligible to nominate candidates, specialist societies, authorities and scientific editorial offices. Self-applications are excluded. The complete application documents (1. cover letter with nomination proposal, 2. curriculum vitae of the applicant, 3. abstract of the applicant, 3. abstract of the thesis – maximum two pages, 4. research paper) must be submitted by until March 15, 2024 as one coherent (password-protected PDF file) by e-mail to If you are interested, you can obtain the password from Ms. Margret Riewenherm. By submitting your entry, you agree to the use of your personal data and images for the purposes and tasks of the foundation. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees will decide whether to award the prize. The award is made under exclusion of legal recourse. Further information is available on the foundation’s homepage available (
Margret Riewenherm
c/o Bleichestraße 305
D-33415 Verl
Mobil: 0049(0)15111802307

Musenhäppchen Nuremberg & Erlangen – Open stage for students

The open stage of the Studierendenwerk Erlangen-Nürnberg will take place again on 18 January in Nuremberg (Mensa Insel Schütt) and on 25 January in Erlangen (Mensa Langemarckplatz). Starting at 7 pm, we look forward to a varied programme with lots of music, poetry, comedy, improv theatre and dance. The programme starts at 7.00 pm and admission is free. As always, there will be free snacks during the break and drinks can be purchased on site.

We look forward to your visit!

FAU Dialog – Student Engagement at FAU

The next FAU Dialogue on Tuesday, 19.12.2023, from 7pm to 9pm will take place on the topic of student engagement.

In addition to a summary of our structure and our work, we will talk to the other members of the FAU about various aspects of the work in the student representation.

  • Student co-determination in the self-administration of the FAU
  • Student tasks in the quality assurance of teaching and studies
  • Students contribute to outreach at FAU
  • Student orientation at the university

The FAU Dialogue takes place online via ZOOM.
Further information on the FAU Dialogue in general can be found on the FAU website.