Working Group for Ecology and Sustainability


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  • 25.10.; ~19:00 Uhr (after Öko-Plenum-Kick-Off)
  • 08.11.; 18:00
  • 22.11.; 18:00
  • 06.12.; 18:00
  • 20.12.; 18:00

We in the Working Group for Ecology and Sustainability – ÖkoRef for short – are committed to the sustainable design of university life. As students of various faculties, we have a scope for actions that we use to integrate topics such as environmental awareness and social transformation into everyday university life. Not only do we support the work of the various ecological initiatives at our university, we also see ourselves as a working group that provides the student counsil with information and inputs on sustainability, and we organise events ourselves to raise awareness of sustainability among the students. For example, we organised the first Stuve student flea market in the summer semester of 2019, which we would like to organise again this winter semester due to its great success. The fun won’t be left behind with us either.  

In addition, as ÖkoRef we would like to connect interested and committed students with each other and promote cooperation with other student initiatives or civil society, such as the city of Erlangen.   If you want to stay up to date, you can follow us on our mailing list, our Facebook page or our Instagram account.   Furthermore, we meet every second Monday at 6 p.m. in the Stuve building (on the 3rd floor at Schuhstraße 19 until spring 2020). Of course everyone can participate there, new faces are always welcome. It’s best to get in touch with us shortly before by mail.  

Our concept for Climate protection and sustainability can be found here (just german):