Genderneutral Toilets


Building Signage Directions Room Number

through Schlossgarten

All gender toilet Ground level, near main entrance, left of the stairs, through the glass door, then the toilet will be on the right side. 0.113

Staudtstr. 5

Not marked as a toilet Go down the stairs next to lecture hall H, go straight through the glass door, then take the first door to your left. On both sides there will be unmarked doors, which are toilets.
Bismarckstr. 8 WC (not gendered) On the first, second and third floor, iright next to the stairs.

Bismarckstr. 1

H-D In the basement, turn right, walk along the outside wall of the Audimax lecture hall towards the (Experimental) THEATRE, turn left through the passage behind the Audimax, then turn right.
Alte Nervenklinik

Schwabachanlage 10

„male“ and „female“ pictogram In the hallway near the secretariat of Medical Psychology and Sociology (room 01.158)
Orangerie There is a sign next to the door labeling it as a Toilet for disabled people, on the door there is a note, labeling it “Unisex-Toilette” The entrance to the Orangerie is in the back of the building. Enter the building and turn left. 00.033
Bismarckstraße 10 On the ground floor
Bismarckstraße 1a In the basement
Egerlandstraße 3 In A- and B-Parts of Building 112

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Mistakes, Comments

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