What are budget funds?

Budget funds are available to the student representatives. These consist of annual allocations from the university. The FSV uses these funds to finance its work, such as networking meetings or public relations work. However, we can and want to use the majority of these funds to support the FSIs of our faculty financially.

Every financial year we draw up a plan for the use of funds, in which – as the name suggests – we determine what we want to spend the money on. We then have to stick to this plan. Moreover, we cannot use the money as we please. Some criteria must be fulfilled, such as that the money used is for the benefit of the students of the faculty. Possible uses are for example

  • travel expenses and participation in conferences, e.g. to federal student council conferences or other student university events
  • Office materials for everyday FSI work
  • Equipment for your FSI room (e.g. computer or furniture)
  • Telephone costs of your FSI telephone

How do you request budget funds?

We have created a form [1] for you to apply for funds from us. So if you want to buy things or have us pay your bills, fill out the form and send it to us via E-Mail. Then we will discuss and vote on the application at the next meeting. In urgent cases we can also decide this by circulation. If we approve the motion, we will refund you the money or pay you the bill. In any case, we will inform you about our decision and the reasons for it and, if necessary, give you further information on how to proceed.

Please note:

  • Orders should always be delivered to a university address. The billing office of the university expressly does not wish to process an order to a private address.
  • If funds are made available preamptively by a participant (usually the case), Financial Accounting always wants proof of this (for example, bank statement and invoice). So please make sure you keep it and send it to us.
  • For the order of PCs, monitors, printers, scanners, servers and notebooks there are framework agreements on the part of the university, which must be observed urgently. Please contact your FSV contact person or Mrs. Müller from the Dean’s Office to find out beforehand which products can be financed by budget funds.

Travel expenses for any event

Below you will find more detailed information about the federal student union conferences, these are general regulations.

Applying for travel expenses is a bit more complicated, because you are going on a “business trip”. To do this, you first have to apply for the funds with our form [1], after our Okay you have to fill in a form to order a business trip [2]. You will also need an invitation and program for the event you are going to. After the trip, you will need to fill out this form [3] and bring it to the dean’s office. Then you should get your money back after several weeks.

Furthermore you have to pay attention to travel expenses:

  • It should also be noted that the cheapest means of transport must always be used, otherwise a refund will not be possible. Please also note the invoice key, how car journeys are invoiced. Carpools are basically not refunded. Always keep all bills and tickets, for the refunds the originals are needed.
  • fsv_nat_haushaltsmittel_antrag_22_23The subsidy for a a student conference (e.g. BuFaTa) is usually a maximum of 350€/semester or 700€/year.
  • If the car is to be used as a means of transport, which is only possible if it is the cheapest means of transport, as a rule only the flat rate for “car use without good reason” is reimbursed. This flat rate is 25 ct per kilometre, regardless of the number of passengers*.
  • In general, it is much less complicated for the accounting office if either one person pays everything for all, or if everyone pays their own stuff (i.e. contributions and travel expenses)
  • If you transfer money, a proof is required (copy of bank statement or similar. Of course, explosive data may be blacked out)

Federal Student Council Conferences (BuFaTas) and other student conferences

short version:

    1. Apply for reimbursement of costs at FSV: at least 6 weeks in advance
    2. Für BuFaTa anmelden, nachdem von der FSV Nat Rückmeldung kam: at least 3 weeks in advance
    3. Request a business trip at the deanery of NatFak: at least 3 weeks before departure
    4. Travel expense report in the dean’s office: at least 6 weeks before departure

If you are still new to BuFaTa / conferences, we have prepared a How-To-Guide [4], in which we explain the individual steps of the application process in more detail, especially where you have to submit which application and when

[1] Link to the form for applying for FSV funds

[2] Link to the form for carrying out business trips

[3] Link to the travel expense report form

[4] Link to our guide for participation in a BuFaTa / conference