Rights and Obligations

The FSV Nat generally works according to its self-imposed rules of procedure (only available in German):


The  current Rules of Procedurewere adopted by FSV Nat 2022/23 in its meeting of 04.10.2022.

As student representatives, we are entitled to four seats on the Faculty Council of NatFak, where students are involved in the decisions made there. Since some decisions are made at the faculty level, which the FSI at the department is less aware of, student participation is often very useful. The representatives examine applications, give student statements (with the participation of the FSIs and university groups), submit applications and take part in the exchange of views on current topics and developments.

What partly belongs to this – but which should be mentioned separately here – is the appointment of the student members in the commissions for the distribution of study grants (StudZuKo). Each status group (i.e. Profs, Studis, Mittelbau) separately proposes its representation for this committee at departmental level, with that of the student body being appointed or represented by the FSV. The final election takes place in the faculty council. Who wishes to participate in the StudZuKo, may gladly announce themselves at any time with us or its FSI – the choice takes place always to October.

Beyond that we participate in further committees. A prominent example is the LuST-Commission, in which a representative of NatFak sits. There, we take care of university-wide projects and ideas to improve university teaching.

If you are delegated to a committee by us or if you take over a position on a departmental level, please always fill in this committee card (only available in German) and send it to us so that we always have an up-to-date overview and contact possibilities of our representatives.