Financial support for FSIs (student council initiatives)

We want to support the FSIs of the Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Theology with the financial means at our disposal. The following guidelines are valid:

  • For attending meetings (e.g. Bundesfachschaftenkonferenz) we refund participation fees and travel expenses for a maximum of two persons.
  • We cover printing costs for posters and flyers (e.g. for advertising FSI events) up to a maximum of 25 € per event. Alternatively, for the sake of the environment, we also support advertising costs on social media platforms within the same financial framework.
  • We reimburse up to five FSI T-shirts per FSV legislature period. The maximum subsidy is 115 €. The shirts must be available to the entire FSI and not just to individual members. We do not subsidise personalised shirts.

Expense form

  • In order for the money to be refunded, an expense form must be submitted to us.
  • We will only consider expenses that have been agreed with us in advance.
  • We are happy to help with any uncertainties. Just get in touch with us!
  • The expense form can be found here Auslagenformular_FSV_Phil