The 1st Floor

Group Room 2 [Room-No.: 01.013]

Raum 01.013 in der Turnstraße 7

Large and well-equipped meeting room for your group. In addition to enough tables and chairs, there is also a large whiteboard and space for a projector. In 32 m² you will find space for a maximum of 20 people. You can book the room with these instructions.


    • Tables and chairs
    • Power strips
    • Whiteboard (incl. pens, magnets and board wiper)
    • Flipchart (incl. sheets)
    • Projector (please ask at the secretary’s office)
    • Group cabinets (No. 11-15)
    • Moderation box

Group Room 3 [Room-No.: 01.015]

Turnstraße Raum 1.015

Quiet meeting room for small and relaxed group meetings. Comfortable sofas and a coffee table are ready for productive work. Smaller meetings for a maximum of 20 people can take place here in 17 m². You can book the room with these instructions.


    • Sofas and coffee tables
    • Power strips
    • Group cabinet (No. 16)
    • Flipchart (incl. sheets)

Printing Room [Room-No.: 01.110]

Durckerraum in der Turnstraße 7

Here you can easily print, copy and scan with your FAU card. Various consumables are available for Stuve work. The Stuve server is also located here.


    • Printer & Copier
    • Mailboxes
    • Cutting machine
    • Laminating machine (incl. foils)
    • Labeling machine
    • Envelopes
    • Paper supplies
    • Other office supplies (hole punch, scissors, etc.)


Turnstraße Küche

Room of the FSV Med [Room-No.: 01.111]

This room and all items belong to the FSV at the School of Medicine.