The Ground Floor

Stuve-Secretariat [Room-No.: 00.011]

Office of our secretary. If there are problems somewhere in the house, materials run out or you have other questions, you can contact us here. The office is generally open on weekdays between 07:30 and 16:00. However, there may be deviations.

Group Room 1 [Room-No.: 00.012]

Turnstraße Erdgeschoss Raum

Large group room with many storage options for our supported university groups. Meetings can be held here in 33 m² and with a maximum of 20 people. You can book the room with these instructions.


    • Tables and chairs
    • Whiteboard (incl. pens, magnets and board wiper)
    • Flipchart (incl. sheets)
    • Group cabinets (no. 1-8)
    • Moderation box

Arena-Room [Room-No.: 00.014]

This space and all items belong to the planning group of the annual student arena festival.