General Student Committee 2021/22

Chariperson of the Student Council

Luisa Weyers (01.10.21 – 01.03.22)

Study: Jura

Further Committees: Senat, AK Öffnungen, Unirat, FSV ReWi,  student Council

Working Groups: AntiDisRa

Main focus:

    • Gender&Diversity
    • more equality

Lasvini Suganthan (01.10.21 – 01.03.22)

Subject: English and Economies as a teaching post

Further Committees: Faculty Council and Faculty Student Council of the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Theology, Committee for the distribution of teaching subsidies PhilFak, Center for Teacher Education, Library Commission PhilFak, Delegate of the Landes-ASten-Konferenz (LAK)

Working Groups: PR, AntiDisRa, Urban life, Semester ticket, Awareness, Förderverein der @membacher.WG

Main focus:

    • Awareness
    • Equality and Diversity
    • Better conditions at the Faculty of Humanitie, Social Sciences and Theology, espacially for further teachers


Michael Ruppert

Scholastic Corridor: Philosophy and Computational Corpus Linguistics (linguistische Informatik)

Further Committees: : FSV Phil, PhilLuSt, LAK, FAU Debating Society, FAU Corona Crisis Unit, UniLuSt, Student Council, Realization competition of the humanities center Erlangen, AG Campus der Zukunft / Achse der Wissenschaft, CIO/IO Gremium, AG EnrgSparMaßn Hörsäle

Working Groups: AK University Law (AK Hochschulgesetz), RefIT, Ref LuSt, AntiDisRa, FAUstelle, AK Hochschulwahlwerbung, AK Causa “Sprachenzentrum”, AK Kürzungen, AK Himbeerpalast and PhilFak 2.0, AK Öffnungsdebatte

Main focus:

    • Reform of the Bavarian Higher Education Act
    • Mitigating the consequences of the corona crisis
    • Improvement of study and teaching quality

Lara Savannah Ebbinghaus

Degree Program: Doctor of Clinical Medicine

Further Committees: Senate, University Council, Student Council, Faculty Council (Medical Faculty), Commitee for Quality of Teaching (Medical Faculty), Landes Asten Conference, FAU Debating Society, Covid Crisis Unit.

Working Groups and Projects: HSG Amnesty international, AK University Innovation Act (Hochschulgesetz), Ref Public Relations,  Ref Teaching and Studies, University Election Advertising Team (AK Hochschulwahlwerbung), AG Innovative Teaching.

Top Priorities:

    • Modernization and digitalization of the FAU with an emphasis on justice and equality
    • Wellbeing
    • Student council public relations
    • International relations and communication
    • University Innovation Act

Christian Peppel

Degree Program: Energy Engineering

Further Committees: Student Council (Chairman), Faculty Student Council (Tech), Faculty subcommittee on the use of student grants Department CBI, Study Commission Energy Engineering

Working Groups: Ref IT, Ref PB

Top Priorities:

    • Improving the quality of education at the Faculty of Technology and FAU
    • more political participation of students
    • Enhancement of IT and online services at FAU

Büşra Başol

Study course: B.Sc. Mathematics

Further committees:Faculty Student Body Council of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Student Council, StudZuKo Mathematics

Working groups: Ref PR, FSI Mathe/Physik/DS, AK Awareness, AK Period Products, Social Media

Main focus:

    • Exceptional study situations
    • Gender and Diversity
    • Accountability of the university
    • Networking of the Stuve within each other and with the students

Andy Hierl

Degree Program: Medical Engineering

Further Committees: Student Council, Faculty Student Councel (Tech),StuZuKo MB
Working Groups: Ref PB, Ref FAUstelle, Ref Stadt- Landleben

Top Priorities:

    • Infrastructure
    • Networking of volunteer groups

Laura Wiggers (01.10.21 – 01.03.22)

Study: M.A. Human Geography

Further Committees: Realization competition of the humanities center Erlangen

Working Groups:  Ref Lehr- und Lernräume, AK Himbeerpalast

Main Focus:

    • Connection of the students and the faculties
    • Spatial design of the “Himbeerpalast” and the auditorium center.
    • Sustainability at FAU

Christina Kramer (01.03.22 – 15.07.22)

Portrait Christina Kramer

Degree Program: M.A. Education

Further Committees: –

Working Groups: Ref PR, FSI Pädagogik

Main focus:

    • inclusion & participation of (severely) disabled people => therefore also the accessibility of the FAU
    • Language center: We need a wide range of all kinds of languages