General Student Committee 2020/21

Chairperson of the Student Council

Richard Schmidt

Study: Physics, M.Sc.

Further Committees: Student council (Chair), Commission for Ethics in security-related research, Delegation of the Landes-ASten-Konferenz (LAK), Spokesperson of the Young Socialists University Group

Working Groups: Political Education (Ref PB), Working group University Law, Working group ‘Causa Mueller’

Main focus:

    • Improvement of study conditions
    • Student participation and empowerment
    • Reform of the Bavarian University Law
    • Federal and state university politics

Theresa Brunner

Subject: History, German, German as second language, Arts and Biology (Teaching at middle schools)

Further Committees: Student council (vice chair), FSV Phil, PhilLuSt, Zentrum für Lehrerinnen- und Lehrerbildung (ZfL)

Main focus:


Lisa Heger (01.10.2020 – 31.03.2021)

Subject: Medicine

Further Committees: Student council, Senat, Faculty Council of the Faculty of Medicine, Committee for diversity

Working Groups: Referat PR, Referat AntiDisRa, Referat teaching and studies, working group for the new university law

Main focus:

    • Implementation of equality and diversity
    • Connecting the faculties
    • Statutes and regularities (§§§)
    • Student protest
    • Livable FAU
      • Mental Health
      • Community
      • Support for student engagement

Luisa Weyers (01.04.2021 – 30.09.2021)

Study: Jura

Further Committees: Senat, AK Öffnungen, Unirat, FSV ReWi,  student Council

Working Groups: AntiDisRa

Main focus:

    • Gender&Diversity
    • more equality

Moritz Wicklein

Study:  Life Science Engineering, M.Sc.

Further Committees: Student Senator, Member of the Student Council, Student of the Faculty Student Council (FSV Tech) and Faculty Council (FakRat) of the Faculty of Engineering, Delegate of the Landes-ASten-Konferenz (LAK)

Working Groups: working group PR, working group IT, Working group University Law, working group Causa Müller

Main focus:

    • Against the current ban on overnight stays at FAU for
      • Conferences of federal student representatives
      • Conference weekends (from Student Councils, Study Course Initiatives, …)
    • Communication and networking between different groups, levels, etc.
    • Bavarian University Innovation Law


Elisabeth Herzinger

Subject: Chemical and Bioengineering, M.Sc.

Further Committees: Student Convention, Faculty Student Council of the Faculty of Engineering, Central Committee for the use of Study Grants, Study Commission CBI

Working Groups: Referat PR, AK Klimaschutz

Main focus:

    • Improvement of the study conditions
    • Sustainability and climate protection
    • Networking between the faculties

Michael Ruppert

Scholastic Corridor: Philosophy and Computational Corpus Linguistics (linguistische Informatik)

Further Committees: : FSV Phil, PhilLuSt, LAK, FAU Debating Society, FAU Corona Crisis Unit, UniLuSt, Student Council, Realization competition of the humanities center Erlangen, AG Campus der Zukunft / Achse der Wissenschaft, CIO/IO Gremium, AG EnrgSparMaßn Hörsäle

Working Groups: AK University Law (AK Hochschulgesetz), RefIT, Ref LuSt, AntiDisRa, FAUstelle, AK Hochschulwahlwerbung, AK Causa “Sprachenzentrum”, AK Kürzungen, AK Himbeerpalast and PhilFak 2.0, AK Öffnungsdebatte

Main focus:

    • Reform of the Bavarian Higher Education Act
    • Mitigating the consequences of the corona crisis
    • Improvement of study and teaching quality

Maximilian Harl

Study Programs: International Information Systems, M.Sc. and Bioinformatics, B.Sc.

Further Committees: Student Convention, Faculty Council of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law (FSV ReWi), President of the Student Council for Information Systems (FSI WInf/IIS), Delegate to the Landes-ASten-Konferenz (LAK), Commission for Research and Young Researchers (FuwN), StuZuKo ReWi

Refereate und AKs: Referat PB, Referat PR, Referat Öko, AK University Law (AK Hoschschulgesetz)

Main Topics:

    • Design of cooperation with the TUN
    • Cooperation between Faculties, especially the integration of the ReWi
    • Reform of the Bavarian Higher Education Act
    • International, federal and bavarian university cooperation

Lasvini Suganthan

Subject: English and Economies as a teaching post

Further Committees: Faculty Council and Faculty Student Council of the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Theology, Committee for the distribution of teaching subsidies PhilFak, Center for Teacher Education, Library Commission PhilFak, Delegate of the Landes-ASten-Konferenz (LAK)

Working Groups: PR, AntiDisRa, Urban life, Semester ticket, Awareness, Förderverein der @membacher.WG

Main focus:

    • Awareness
    • Equality and Diversity
    • Better conditions at the Faculty of Humanitie, Social Sciences and Theology, espacially for further teachers