Commission for Teaching and Studying

The Commission for Teaching and Studies (LuSt) consists of the Vice President for Teaching (VP-L) as chairperson, the five deans of the faculties, two representatives from the ranks of the academic staff and eight student representatives (six students with advisory vote delegated by the faculty councils + two students with voting rights delegated by the student convention).

The commission serves to control and improve teaching, it develops the structure of the teaching evaluation, reviews the creation or abolition of study programs and serves the university-wide exchange of the respective LuSt commissions at faculty level.

Since only the Senate has decision-making power, results from the LuSt are only recommendations for it.

Students in the Commission for Teaching and Studies: Samweber, Fabio, Abel, Alina, Grundmann, Craig, Rieger, Jan, Wilk, Vanessa, Bernath, Leon, Bohle, Maximilian.