The Student Council will meet in hybrid format from now on

Dear Students, Dear members of the Student Council,

As promised in the last meeting of the Student Council, the general opinion of the members of the student council was evaluated and a clear majority favoured the face-to-face format, as long as the general hygiene rules allow for it. In consequence – but still depending on the pandemic situation – the remaining three meetings of the 2020/21 term will be held in hybrid format.

This means that council members are invited to attend the meeting in person and guests will still be able to participate digitally. To be able to vote in an orderly fashion, voting will still be held digitally via OpenSlides. Therefore, members of the Convention who are digitally connected can also cast their votes as in our previous meetings.

Dates and places

The remaining three regular meetings of this term are scheduled as follows:

The official meeting invitations including the corresponding agenda will be sent out according to the invitation deadline at least one week before the respective meeting.

We look forward to productive meetings and constructive discussions,

Your Student Council’s Chairpersons,

Theresa and Richard