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Q&A about the exam area of campo

In the following, you will find some tips in a Q&A format on how to best proceed with various problems in order to make the exam registration and general navigation on campo more pleasant. The questions range from the basics to special cases in the registration.
Where can I register for exams?

In the logged-in area of campo [1], registration is possible at the menu tab My Studies → Study planner with module plan. There you can click on the button to the left of the listed elements to open further areas and work your way to the respective registration button.

Exams are marked with a star badge on the left and are often hidden in the non-expanded area of modules, while modules are marked with a green puzzle piece. You can look out for this to see if you're already in the right place for registration, or need to work your way into deeper levels first.

Why can't I register for a particular exam?

Problems with registration can be due to many different reasons. Work through the following scenarios step-by-step to figure out which of the cases, and thus which approach to solving the problem, best fits your situation.

  1. The module for said exam is not on the registration page:

    Contact your respective lecturer to register manually for the exam. It is best to send your information (e.g. matriculation number/course of study/etc.) to simplify the process. If necessary, this is also a sensible procedure if campo provides a hint to perform the registration via Register for electives. (For special credits see scenario 5 below)

  2. The module for said exam is on the registration page, but there is no registration button next to it:

    First, you should check whether the module in question is actually "unfolded" via the button on its left since the modules and exams in the list are named very similarly and can thus be confused. The registration button only appears for exams - i.e. the entries in the registration list that are marked with an asterisk to the left (while modules are marked with puzzle pieces).

  3. The exam for the module is unfolded, but there is still no registration button:

    Go to its information page by clicking on the exam name and make sure that your current Degree Programme (DP) is available in the list of assigned DPs in the tab Modules and degree programmes. Pay special attention to the version number of your DP.

  4. The Degree Programme (DP) is not in the list of DPs assigned for the examination, but the examination should be allowed to be attended by students in this DP according to the DP / Module Handbook:

    Contact your respective lecturer so that they can register you manually for the exam and add this DP version if necessary. It is best to send your information (e.g. matriculation number/study course/etc.) to make the process easier.

  5. The Degree Programme (DP) is not in the list of DPs assigned for the exam and the module is supposed to be credited beyond the options suggested in the DP / Module Handbook:

    Contact the Examination Office [2] to clarify possibilities / further steps for the crediting of modules outside the regular study plans. This way, alternative key qualifications / minor subjects can be made possible. However, you should definitely do this before you take such courses and invest time, as the invested efforts possibly might not be creditable.

  6. The Degree Programme (DP) is in the list of DPs assigned for the exam, but there is still no register button:

    In this case, there could be a problem in the system and you should ask your lecturers (with the specification of your matriculation number/study course/etc.) to register you manually and if necessary contact the Examination Office [2], if they are also unable to do so. You should include the respective exam number and describe as well as possible what has already been tried and what the lecturers have reported as a problem with the manual registration attempt.

Where can I find the exam number of an exam I want to take?

Under Studies offered → Show university course catalog you can work your way through step by step by unfolding the branches that apply to you to your field of study, then to the Degree Programme that applies to you, and finally, to the exam you are looking for. You have arrived at the final number when you see a star badge to the left of it.

If the exam is not listed here, read the explanations for Scenarios 4 & 5 above in the registration issues.

How do I find out which Degree Programme applies to me?

In the title of the registration page for the exams, after Study planner with module plan, your field of study should be listed with a reference to the version of the Degree Programme (DP) that applies to you. This designation should then also be listed in exactly the same way in the registration options for your respective exams if it is assigned to the associated module. You can find the detailed Degree Programmes on the FAU overview page [3].

Where can I view my registered exams?

In the logged-in area of campo, in the menu tab My Studies → Show my enrollments, you can see all currently registered examinations and other bookings. Exams should be marked as such in the title (in contrast to other assignments) and should contain their exam number.

How can I deregister from my registered exams?

In the logged-in area of campo in the menu tab My Studies → Show my enrollments you can view your registered exams and deregister from them in the column Actions, if your Degree Programme allows this (see e.g. Regulations on deregistration deadlines and make-up exams). In the following pop-up, you simply have to acknowledge the notes and click Next. At this point, check again whether the test was actually canceled so that you do not get any problems later.

Caution: This page also lists other types of assignments, such as courses you are taking. However, these should also be marked as such in the title, rather than as an exam. Also, the exam number in the title can give you a hint that you are looking for the deregistration option for the correct exam.

Why can't I deregister for a particular exam?

Enabling cancellation of exams on campo usually follows the regulations in your current Degree Programme [3]. In this case, first, make sure that you are within the deregistration period and that you are not excluded from canceling an exam by a compulsory registration. If you are entitled to cancel your registration according to all modalities and still cannot do so, please contact the respective person assigned to you at the Examination Office [2].

What do the abbreviations in the achievement overview entries stand for?

In the menu tab My Studies → My achievements, assignments are often marked with two-digit abbreviations in the status to indicate their state. When the cursor "hovers" over this abbreviation, the longer version of the label is also written out here. For example, "BE" means passed. A more detailed description of what the terms mean can be found in the RRZE FAQs [4], which is especially useful for those who want to access this information without a mouse (e.g. on a cell phone).

Who is assigned to me at the Examination Office?

On the FAU information page about the Examination Offices [2], you should find all links to the respective offices, which should lead you to the contact you are looking for. However, if you encounter any problems - e.g. if the person in charge is sick or on vacation or if you cannot find your study course in the lists - you can also contact the general mail of the Examination Office [C] to be on the safe side.

Everything important at a glance

When should I contact whom if I have a problem?

  • Error with the examination deregistration in the Summer Semester 22:

    → Examination Office [2] with CC: Sprat [A] & Thomas Purr [E]

  • Error with your achievements in general:

    → Examination Office [2]

  • Examination Office does not respond to a mail for some time:

    → Again (via mail) Examination Office [2] if desired with CC: Sprat [A]

  • Complaints about communication with the Examination Office:

    → Suggestion-Box of the Stuve [5]

  • Registration of an exam not possible in campo:

    → Lecturer (via mail)

  • Lecturer cannot register an exam manually:

    → Examination Office [2]

  • Problems with lecturers:

    → FSI [7] or see flowchart [6]

  • Technical questions about campo:

    → Tech Support campo [D]

Tip: In general, it is better to send one mail too many than one mail too few to the Examination Office during the registration phase, so that your registration attempt is still considered to have arrived on time. However, always try to contact the person in charge [2] first and only use the general address of the Examination Office in case of emergency.
Relevant contacts:

[A] Sprat:

[B] Working Group on Teaching and Studies:

[C] Examination Office general address:

[D] Tech Support campo:

[E] Thomas Purr:

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We have tried to make this Q&A as detailed and accurate as possible. If you have noticed any errors or inaccuracies anyways, please feel free to contact the creator Büşra Başol.