Semester talk on construction topics

Once a semester, the Faculty Student Councils and the Speakers’ Council meet with the FAU Chancellor’s Office. Here we learn about the strategic development and planning of the FAU as well as the progress of current construction projects, and can directly address problems concerning the construction situation. We want to give you a brief overview here in the newsletter; you can find the full transcript on our website.

New construction of student residences
Around 200 apartments are to be added to the existing halls of residence on the south site. In addition, a larger student hall of residence is to be built on the “old Siemens campus”; initial plans for the new building on the Siemens Campus will probably be submitted to the city council this year.

Status of the anatomy building and lecture hall capacities at Med
As the project plan is still being drafted, construction of the anatomy building is due to start in 2027; completion is expected in 2030/31.
The loss of the large lecture hall in Bismarkstraße currently necessitates transfers to smaller rooms, which does not always work. There will be internal discussions about whether the capacities in Ulmenweg can be used more for the pre-clinic, but for the time being the next possible relief is the construction of the New Lecture Hall Center (completion presumably in 2030).

The introduction of the StUB is essential for the planned expansion of the southern area. FAU is therefore supporting the project publicly. The question for us is how we can successfully communicate information about the citizens’ decision to FAU students and staff.

Nuremberg Teacher Training Campus – new developer?
Talks are underway with the Free State of Bavaria and the Alpha Group about the continuation of the project, as the insolvent company is prepared to hand over the project.
In addition, all didactic specialists are to move to their respective departments in Erlangen in the long term.

Master planning south campus
The Departments of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering are to be relocated to the acquired Siemens campus in the long term. This will create an axis of three locations (Siemens campus – Techfak – Natfak) on the south campus, which is to be connected by the planned city-country railroad and a shuttle bus line. Internally, the campus is to become car-free in the long term (with several parking garages at the edge of the site). The planned Computer Centre is to be completed by the end of the decade and the waste heat from the building will be fed into the heating network for the entire faculty. Parking garages will be half covered with green plants and half with solar panels according to the new sustainability concept.