Shared Mailboxes


Shared Mailbox

A shared mailbox can be used by multiple people of the same group together. It is possible to enable sharing for all members of the FAU. If the mailbox is shared the folders can be mounted in the personal FAUMail account. Alternatively separate login credentials can be used to access the shared mailbox or to mount it using IMAP.

Every student council initiative, Stuve department or supported student group has the option to get a free shared mailbox. The mailbox is hosted by the local data center (RRZE). If you want a shared mailbox please write a short mail to:


  • Easy to use without much familiarization (usage like external freemailer)
  • Sending of mails from the shared address


  • Increased communication within the group of people necessary
  • Mails cannot be individually marked, moved or deleted; all actions also affect the view of the other persons
  • Replies from the shared address may not be seen by other group members (replies are only found in Sent).
  • Only one unified password possible
  • No protection against unauthorized use of the shared address by persons with credentials



You will receive separate login credentials for the shared mailbox. At you can login with these credentials and can thus directly send mails from your shared adsress.

Sharing / Mounting in the personal FAUMail account

You can share the folders of the shared mailbox at FAUMail. If shared people can mount the folders directly in their own FAUMail account. The following pictures show the sharing view.

Possible problems & solutions

Shared folders are missing in the personal FAUMail account

Maybe the folders are not activated/”subscribed” in the personal FAUMail account. The folders can be activated in the settings of the personal FAUMail account under the item “Folders”. Make sure to check the checkboxes there.

Lost password

The password can only be set by the working group for IT. Please write a mail to: