Faculty of Sciences

As faculty student counsil, we are the lowest elected student body at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and thus officially belong to the student representation of the FAU.

On this page and its subpages we would like to briefly outline the tasks we perform and how we work. You will find information about our duties as FSV, the dates of our next meetings and which FSIs are active at NatFak. Furthermore we explain how to apply for budget funds of the FSV.

Members  and  contactMehr Infos

During the term of office from October 2022 to September 2023, FSV Nat consists of 11 members in total: Büttner, Marie, Dörrer, Nils, Fritsche, Sarah, Saffer, Benedict, Bohle, Maximilian, Heckwolf, Paulina, Müller, Julius, Lukas, Caroline, Bernáth, Leon

A presentation of these members and their motivations can be found here.

Student representative is Büttner, Marie.

For questions, suggestions, applications and more, please contact us at any time by e-mail at fsv-nat@fau.de! Please note: Right after their election, the eleven members of the FSV of the next office period will receive mails sent to this adress as well.

Student counsil initiatives of the NatFak Mehr Infos

Although they are not provided for in the Bavarian Higher Education Act and therefore do not represent an official representation of the students, many important tasks within the framework of improving teaching and studies and improving student life at FAU are taken over by the so-called student council initiatives.

In order to be able to adequately represent the opinions and wishes of students of all subjects in the Faculty Council, the FSV is in close contact with the FSIs and also organises a networking meeting for the FSIs of NatFak once a semester.

In particular the following FSV members are available as direct contact persons for the following departments or FSIs:

  • Biology/ILS/LAG: Benedict
  • Chemistry/MoWi: Tamara
  • Geography: Marie
  • Geology: Marie
  • Math/Physics/DS: Maxi
  • Pharmacy and Food Chemistry: Tamara

Examination office care box More info

In recent years, there have been repeated problems with the examination offices at FAU. Since individual students often have little knowledge of the internal processes in these offices, FSV Nat maintains a troubleshooting section for any problems that arise with the examination office. If desired, this can be used completely anonymously.


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Meetings and minutes More info

Our meetings take place at irregular intervals during the semester and are announced one week in advance on the website and by mail to all FSIs of NatFak. The location will be determined in each case.

Finance and budget more info

FSV Nat is allocated 0.63€ per student per year. As the FSV itself has only few costs (for events, info flyers, …), a large part is available to support the FSIs and university groups.

Rules of procedure more info

The tasks of the FSV are subject to the Bavarian Higher Education Act (BayHSchG) and the FAU’s Basic Regulations. It has also given itself a set of rules of procedure, which are intended to regulate its daily operations.