Take Part

There are many opportunities to get involved in student representation. For example, you can always get involved with current topics within the framework of our departements and thereby develop your own skills and improve the university. At the beginning of each term of office (elections in June/July) you also have the chance to be delegated to various committees at the university. There are many committees with different exciting areas of responsibility. You can find an overview here here.

If you are interested in a department or a committee, send a mail to the appropriate department, or come to one of the next public pairlament sessions, which will be announced on the blog.

Currently we have a total of nine departments:

Department FAUStelle
The buildings and infrastructure of our university are lagging behind in many places. Do you want to help organize the protest for more money from the State for the buildings of our university, or do you want to support more modern classrooms or do you have new ideas how to make our university more attractive? Then join the FAUStelle department! You can find more information here.
Department PR
New things happen at the university and in the Stuve every day, but you often don’t notice much of it. If you are interested in designing posters, flyers and stickers or in ordering bottle openers and pens in large quantities, then come to the PR department! You can find more information here.
Department for Urban-Rural Life
The Department of Urban Development or City Life deals with all topics concerning the life and learning of students in the cities of Erlangen and Nuremberg. The construction of the StUB, the redesign of the large parking lot in Erlangen, bicycle-friendliness and the cultural offerings of the cities are only four of the numerous topics. You can find further information here.
Department Queer
The Queer department is especially concerned with the concerns of queer persons (including homosexual, bisexual, transgender, intersexual, asexual) at FAU. Besides organizing and participating in networking events, the department also participates in the Christopher-Street-Day (CSD) for FAU. Furthermore, it educates about queer topics and serves as a contact point for all students who are exposed to discrimination regarding their sexual orientation or gender identity. You can find more information here.
Ecology Department
“After me the Flood” is not a motto you want to live by? Then get involved with environmental topics, sustainability and climate protection at our university within the framework of the Department of Ecology! In this department, we also want to coordinate activities with the university groups that are closely related to these topics. You can find further information on the Stuve page.
Department for Teaching and Studies
The Department for Teaching and Studies (Ref. LuSt) deals with all topics concerning the organization of teaching and studies at FAU. It is in contact with the Vice President Education and the Department of Teaching and Studies of the Central University Administration. Currently, it is mainly concerned with making the regulations on resignation periods and repeat exams more flexible and evaluating the results of the FAU student survey. You can find more information here.
Department for Political Education
The Department of Political Education (Referat für Politische Bildung, Ref PB) of the Stuve endeavors to educate students about politics and especially university policy at the FAU in order to counteract the disenchantment with politics. At the same time it offers a platform for the exchange of political opinions through regular meetings. The department is composed of students who are active in a political party or university group as well as of students who are generally interested in politics. You can find more information on our Stuve page.
Department of Computer Stuff
The Stuve’s Department of Computer Stuff (Ref IT) is responsible for the technical and digital infrastructure of the Stuve, the FSVen and many FSIen. We provide mail addresses, websites and other web services (Doodle Terminklick, Wiki). You can find more information on our Stuve page.
Department AntiDisRa
The Department against Discrimination and Racism should deal with all topics concerning discrimination and racism that are not covered by the Queer Unit. This is a large and current range of topics. It is therefore important to rebuild this currently vacant department with as many committed students as possible. The department can also cooperate with the University’s Office for Gender and Diversity. You can find more information on our Stuve page.