Faculty of Medicine

FSV? Fachschaft? FSI?

For each course of study at FAU there is a student counsil initiative (Fachschaftsinitiative/FSI), usually simply called “Fachschaft”. Every student of the course of studies can join his or her FSI.
Tasks of the FSIs are, for example, distributing scripts, collecting old minutes of the exams, organizing parties or the introduction days for first semester students for their respective degree program.
Various working groups that are committed to more specific health, social or study-related topics are also part of the FSIs.
A list of the FSIs with contact details can be found here.

The faculty student counsil (FSV), on the other hand, is a body laid down in the FAU’s Basic Rules. Its members are elected at the university elections and are thus legitimized. This is important because the representatives are then entitled to vote in various committees and commissions, both of the faculty and the university, on an equal footing with the professors.

The members of the FSV are Lukas Bogner (FSV-Speaker, Faculty Council, Medicine), Magdalena Bolsinger (Faculty Council, Medicine/Molecular Medicine), Pacôme Tissier (Faculty Council, Medicine Bayreuth), Tobias Fuhrmann (Faculty Council, Medicine), Lara Ebbinghaus (Medicine/Molecular Medicine), Julian Schönberger (Medicine), Sophie von Rohr (Medicine), Sophia Veneris (Medicine), Ida Parschat (Medicine Bayreuth) and Ann-Sophie Scholl (Medicine).

Tasks of the FSV
Our task is to represent the students’ interests towards the faculty and the university. To this end, we are active in various committees, as described above:

  • Faculty Council: The four elected with the most votes are sent to the Faculty Council. This is, under the Faculty Board, in which the Dean and the Vice Deans sit, the highest body and decision-making organ of the Faculty.
  • Study Grant Commission: Here, approximately 1.3 million euros are awarded annually to improve teaching. Among other things, the anvil campus license and student tutors are paid from these funds.
  • Appeals committees: Members of the FSV are involved when new professors are appointed to FAU. It is our task to ensure that not only high-ranking researchers are appointed, but also people for whom good teaching is important.
  • Student Convention: The FSV sends three members to the student convention, the student parliament. The Student Parliament elects the Speaker’s Council as executive body and determines the basic orientation of the student representation through its position papers.

This is only one part of our tasks; we also meet regularly with the persons responsible for the degree programmes and the dean’s office staff in order to implement our higher education policy goals.
In addition, we are the students’ contact persons for general problems during their studies or with professors and can often serve as mediators.
We are also the contact person for the study rooms of the Faculty of Medicine, should there be any problems in this regard.
We have a certain amount of money with which we can support the FSIs, e.g. with travel costs or the purchase of office materials or similar. If you have any questions in this regard, please write us an email.

Contact and meetings
You can reach us by mail to fsv-med@fau.de.
Our meeting takes place every Tuesday at 6:30 pm in Turnstraße 7 in our room on the first floor. The sessions are public, so come by if you are interested! You can already do this as Ersti.