Conference of Bavarian Student Representations

The Landes-ASten-Konferenz Bayern (LAK) is the association of all student representatives in Bavaria. The FAU student representation actively participates in the LAK Bavaria. As a state-wide umbrella organization, the LAK Bayern is the mouthpiece of the students of Bavaria and represents their interests towards other associations, politics and society. The LAK Bayern is involved, among other things, in association hearings in the context of legislative procedures on university law and is in close contact with the Bavarian Ministry of Science, the members of the Science Committee in the Bavarian State Parliament and the chairpersons of the university associations – Universität Bayern and Hochschule Bayern – in order to address problems and concerns that affect more than one university in particular and to seek solutions.

Another important task of the LAK Bayern is to provide information and advice to students in Bavaria. This concerns, for example, the networking of the advisory services offered by the individual student representatives and the preparation of materials on state-wide topics.

The resolutions and positions of LAK Bayern are adopted at monthly meetings. All elected student representatives in Bavaria are invited to send delegates to these meetings. The meetings take place in public, so that all interested parties have the opportunity to inform themselves or to participate.


The current of Spokespersons of the LAK Bayern are:

  • Max Frank, Technical University of Munich,
  • Simon Lund, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
  • Anna-Maria Trinkgeld, Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Science