Working Group for Information Technology


Current news

  • Redesign of the Stuve-Webseite.
  • In planning: Date entry directly here on the website, without prior activation.


The IT department takes care of all Stuve’s information technology platforms. In addition, we are in contact with FAU’s IT department and are available to help Stuve and especially committee members with all technical questions.

Stuve-Pad and Stuve-Website

The work of Stuve-IT is probably most visible through StuvePad and Stuve-Webseite. We make sure that both work well and that updates are constantly being added.


The Stuve collects various dates (e.g. information events, committee meetings, general celebrations), ), access to which is distributed by the IT department.


Via the regional computing centre we provide a mailing list for each FSI with an address in the form fsi.<name> If your FSI does not have this yet, or if you have general questions, please feel free to contact We also manage the mailing lists for many other parts of the student representation.


The Stuve-Wiki is used to obtain information that is important and helpful in the Stuve or FSI work despite staff changes. Much will be easier if the appropriate contact persons, checklists and experiences are available and can be read.

CIP-Pool :

Computers and printers are available in the Spokesperson’s Council Building (Turnstr. 7) for the students’ representatives. An account independent of the computer centre is required for use. Applications for this account can be made in the office of the student council (subject of the Spokespersons’ Council) or in the computer room. Problems or questions can be sent to