Working Group against Discrimination and against Rassism


The “AntiDisRa” unit of the students’ representation of FAU (Stuve) currently persues different activities.

There’s on Panda for integration, who takes care of the “buddy program” for refugees and does networking with different groups and organisations.

Another Panda is involved against right-wing ideologies.

And also we do have a queer Panda, who deals with queer issues. More informations about the queer Panda can be recieved here:

If you wanna support our Pandas with their work, just send an email to, or come to our next meeting of AntiDisRa in the building of Stuve (Turnstr. 7, Erlangen). Our meeting dates can be found in the calendar:
If you wanna meet the queer Panda, just send an email to or come to the next meeting of the Queer Group, also in the building of Stuve (Turnstr. 7, Erlangen), cf. the calendar:

We’re looking forward to see you!
Your AntiDisRa Pandas


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