House of Student Representation

The student council at FAU has its own house in Turnstraße 7 in Erlangen! Here all committed students can meet, work and spend time. All important information can be found on this page.

Fassade unseres Gebäudes in der Turnstraße 7, Erlangen

What you can do here:

    • As a supported group, use our renovated and well-equipped rooms (e.g. for meetings and events).
    • Use our well-equipped kitchen by arrangement.
    • At certain times, you can reach the Speaker’s Council and the secretary of the Student Council in their offices.

You want access?
The building is open weekdays during the times that are noted in the German version of the page. In addition, all enrolled students with a connection to the student council can get extended access to our building. If you don’t have access to our building yet, you can find information on how to get it here.

You want to meet with others?
Planning a movie night, regular meetings, or a special workshop? As part of the student council you can use our rooms for (almost) everything. Here you can find all information and requirements to get a room.

What do you need to consider?
For the use of the building and for good coexistence there are some rules. Therefore, please observe the house and kitchen rules. There is also a sophisticated waste separation system in the building. Please pay attention to the different labels on the garbage bins.

How to can you find us?
Whether by bus, train, bike or by car: Our building is located in the center of Erlangen and with these instructions you will find us in any case.

Contact persons?
Both the Sprat and the secretary of the Student Council have their offices at Turnstraße 7. The secretary can be reached at the building during the above-mentioned opening hours. The speaker’s council meets only irregularly in the building. If you are interested, just send us an email.