Student Council

The Student Council is the highest elected student body at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and consists of 30 students. These are made up of 15 directly elected members and 3 representatives* from each of the 5 faculties, who are delegated to the Council by the respective student representatives.

The Council elects from among its members the chairperson of the Council, its deputy and the two student members in the Senate. In addition, the Council appoints the members of the Speakers’ Council (Sprat) and the members of different task forces and student departments in which the students have a say.

In its regular meetings, the Council discusses, for example, how it positions itself vis-à-vis the policy of the university management and gives corresponding work instructions to the Sprat or to the departments and working groups. Student departments and Working Groups are established for the purpose of working towards a permanent task or goal which the Council considers too time-consuming for the Council sessions, but which is nevertheless very important.

Here, too, the following applies: if you feel like it, you can participate in the work of the student representatives at any time and take part in the meetings of the student Council, even if you are not elected.

The next Meetings are expected to be held on the:

The Student Council at its constituent assembly – stock imageYou can contact the members of the Student council via the e-mail address . You can also send proposals directly to the Student Council. Any proposal that receives at least 20 votes will be discussed and taken up at the next meeting. Caution: In the transitional period after the university elections until the beginning of their term of office, the newly elected Student Council members are also on this mailing list as well.

Members of the Student Council:

Presidency: Abel, Alina, Fischer, Emil.

Members: Bock, Benedikt, Büttner, Marie, Eidt, Chantal-Sophié, Foppe, Leo, Hildebrand, Noah, Jünger, Oliver, Kiesel, Jannik, Kotschenreuther, Tim, Lindner, Tamara, Masel, Lis-Loreen, Nehring, Janes Daniel, Peppel, Christian, Saffer, Benedict, Schering, Marco, Schiller, Johanna, Scholl, Ann-Sophie, Wanke, Hanna, Weiß, Silvan, Windeck, Julian, Bernath, Leon, Lukas, Caroline, Wickel, Lars, Straubinger, Jule

Documents of the Student Council (only provided in german)